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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
NabiBux N/A Male Indian
Nabigh Genius. Male Arabic
Nabigh Genius Male Muslim
Nabighah Intelligent Male Arabic
Nabighah Intelligent Male Muslim
Nabih Noble, outstanding Male Arabic
Nabih Smart Male Muslim
Nabiha Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent Female Arabic
Nabiha Eminent, noble, alert, intelligent Female Muslim
Nabihah Intelligent Female Arabic
Nabihah Intelligent, noble, eminent Female Muslim
Nabihah, Nabeeha Intelligent Female Muslim
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave Female Arabic
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave Female Muslim
Nabil Noble Male Arabic
Nabil Noble; Highborn; Generous; Another Name for God; Good-looking; Wise Male Indian
Nabil noble Male Muslim
Nabil / Nabeel Noble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous. Male Afghan
Nabil, Nabeel Noble Male Muslim
Nabila Happiness, generosity. Female Arabic
Nabila Happiness, generosity Female Muslim
Nabila / Nabeelah Noble, generous, highborn. Female of Nabil. Female Afghan
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous. Female Arabic
Nabilah Noble, magnanimous Female Muslim
Nabilah, Nabeela Noble Female Muslim
Nabin N/A Male Indian
Nabina New Male Indian
Nabirye Mother of twins. Female Egyptian
NabiUllah Prophet of God. Male Afghan
Nabulung do not receive Male African
Nabulungi Beautiful one Female African
Nachiappa N/A Male Indian
Nachik A Short Form of Nachiketa Male Indian
Nachiket Son of Vajashravas Male Indian
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi, Fire Male Bengali
Nachiketa Male Hindu
Nachiketa An Ancient Rishi; Fire Male Indian
Nachiketan N/A Male Indian
Nachiketh Son of Vajasshravas Male Indian
Nachimi N/A Male Indian
Nachiyar N/A Female Indian
Nachman Compassionate Male Hebrew
Nachmanke compassionate one, one who comforts Male Hebrew
Nachni Dancer; Suggestive look Female Assemese
Nachni Dancer; Suggestive Look Female Indian
Nachon Ready, sure. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Nachton Pure. Male Scottish
Nachum Comfort Male Hebrew
Nacoma Lovable Male Indian
Nada Generousity, dew Female Arabic
Nada Generosity; Dew Female Indian
Nada Generousity, dew Female Muslim
Nadal Fortunate Male Indian
Nadamuni N/A Male Indian
NadanaMangai Beautiful Dancer Female Assemese
NadanaMangai Beautiful Dancer; See NadanaMani Female Bengali
Nadav nobel, a generous one Male Hebrew
Nadav Nobel; A Generous One Male Indian
Nadeeda Equal, rival Female Arabic
Nadeeda Equal; Rival Female Indian
Nadeem Friendly, entertaining Male Arabic
Nadeem Friend Male Indian
Nadeem Companion, Friend Male Muslim
Nadeema Friend, companion Female Arabic
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