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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Nadra Rare; Unique Male Indian
Nadwa Council, generosity Female Arabic
Nadwa Council Female Indian
Nadwa Council Male Indian
Nadwah Councel Female Arabic
Nadwah, Nadwa Council, generosity Female Muslim
Nadyne Flower Female Arabic
Nadyne Flower Female Muslim
Naeem Blessing, Ease Male Arabic
Naeem Benevoent. Male Egyptian
Naeem Comfort; Ease; Tranquil Male Indian
Naeem Blessing, Ease Male Muslim
Naeem benevolent Male North African
Naeema Ease, blessing Female Arabic
Naeema Blessing; Living an Enjoyable Life Female Indian
Naeema Ease, blessing Female Muslim
Naeemah To be carefree Female African
Naeemah Benevolent. Female Egyptian
Naenie Lamenting. Female Latin
Nafasat Refinement Male Arabic
Nafasat Refinement Male Muslim
Nafees Pureness, Pure Male Arabic
Nafeesa Excellent, precious Female Arabic
Nafeesa Precious thing Female Assemese
Nafeesa Precious Thing Female Indian
Nafeesa Precious Female Muslim
Nafeesah Precious gem Female Arabic
Nafeeza precious thing Female Arabic
Nafesa Princess Female Arabic
Nafi Useful Male Arabic
Nafi Useful Male Muslim
Nafiah Profitable. Female Arabic
Nafiah Profitable Female Muslim
Nafis Precious Male Arabic
Nafis Precious Male Muslim
Nafis / Nafees Refined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable. Male Afghan
Nafisa precious Female Muslim
Nafisa / Nafeesa Precious, exquisite. Female of Nafis. Female Afghan
Nafisah Precious gem. Female Arabic
Nafisah Precious gem Female Muslim
Nafisah, Nafeesa Precious thing, gem Female Muslim
Naflah Surplus, overabundance Female Arabic
Naflah Surplus, overabundance Female Muslim
Nafrin N/A Female Indian
Naftali wreath Male Hebrew
Naftalie Wreath Male Hebrew
Naga A Smart Boy Male Indian
Nagabhooshan Who Wears Serpents as Ornaments; Siva Male Indian
Nagabhooshanam Ocean Male Indian
Nagadhar N/A Male Indian
Nagadhipa The Overlord of the Mountains Male Indian
Nagadhiraja The Paramount King of the Mountains Male Indian
Nagaiah Lord Cobra Male Indian
Nagaiyan N/A Male Indian
Nagaja Daughter of a Mountain Male Indian
Nagajothi N/A Female Indian
Nagalakshmi Central Female Indian
Nagalata Snake Goddess Female Indian
Nagalataa N/A Female Indian
Nagalekha N/A Female Indian
Nagamagal N/A Female Indian
Nagamani Gem of Serpents; Naga Female Indian
Nagammai Mother of Snake Female Indian
Nagamuthu The Begining; First Female Indian
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