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Popular Baby Names starting with O

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Osburn Divine warrior. Male English -
Osburt Divinely brilliant. Male English -
Oscar Jumping fighter. Male Celtic -
Oscar Divine spear; God's spear. Famous Bearer: poet Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), who was put on trial and imprisoned for homosexuality. Male English -
Oscar deer lover Male Filipino -
Oscar Divine spear. Male Norse -
Oscar divine spear Male Old-Norse Osgood, Oskar, Oszkár
Osckar Jumping fighter. Male Celtic -
Osei Honorable, noble Male African -
Oseye Happy one Female African -
Oseye Happy. Female Egyptian -
Osgood A divine Goth. Male Norse -
Osgood Divine creator. Male Teutonic -
Osha Nike Female Indian -
Osha N/A Male Indian -
Osheen Bright Female Indian -
Osher happiness Male Filipino -
Oshin N/A Female Indian -
Oshma Summer Season Female Indian -
Oshmi Personality Female Indian -
Osho Dear Male Indian -
Osias salvation Male Filipino -
Osip Ukrainian form of Joseph 'God shall add'. Male Ukrainian -
Osiris God of the dead. Male Egyptian -
Oskar Jumping fighter. Male Celtic -
Oskar Divine spear. Male Norse -
Oskar God's spear. Male Scandinavian -
Oskar Leaping warrior. Male Swedish -
Oskari Leaping warrior. Male Finnish -
Osker Jumping fighter. Male Celtic -
Oskie gold Female Armenian -
Osman Godly protection. Male English -
Osman tender youth Male Filipino -
Osman Salve of God Male Indian -
Osman Godly protection. Male Scandinavian -
Osman / Uthman Honest, Caring and Sincere. Male Afghan -
Osmar Divinely glorious. Male English -
Osmarr Divinely glorious. Male English -
Osmin Godly protection. Male English -
Osmin Godly protection. Male Scandinavian -
Osmond Divine protection Male Anglo -
Osmond Divine protector. Male English -
Osmond God protector Male Filipino -
Osmond God protector Male Old-English -
Osmond Godly protection. Male Scandinavian -
Osmond God's protection. Male Teutonic -
Osmont Divine protector. Male English -
Osmund Variant of Osmond: Divine protector. Male English -
Osmund Godly protection. Male Scandinavian -
Osmund God's protection. Male Teutonic -
Ospak Brother of Gudrun. Male Norse -
Osraed Divine counselor. Male English -
Osred Divine counselor. Male English -
Osric Name of a king. Male Anglo -
Osric Divine ruler. Male English -
Osric Divine ruler. Male Teutonic -
Osrick Divine ruler. Male English -
Osrid Divine counselor. Male English -
Osrik Divine ruler. Male English -
Osrik Divine ruler. Male Teutonic -
Osryd Divine counselor. Male English -
Ossama One of the Names of the Lion Male Indian -
Ossian Fawn Male Irish -
Ossian fawn Male Latin -
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