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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Priyaank very dear husband Male Assemese
Priyaank Very Dear Husband Male Indian
Priyabrata Flower Female Indian
Priyabrata Devoted to Pleasing Male Indian
Priyadarshan Nice to Look at; Handsome Male Indian
Priyadarshee Love Female Indian
Priyadarshi One Who Is Liked By All Male Bengali
Priyadarshi One who is Liked by All Male Indian
Priyadarshini Delightful To Look At Female Bengali
Priyadarshini Delightful to Look at Female Indian
Priyadutta Earth Female Indian
Priyak Loving Male Indian
Priyaka Loving; Deer Male Indian
Priyakshi Beautiful Eyes Female Indian
Priyal Beloved Female Bengali
Priyal Beloved Female Indian
Priyala One Who Gives Love Female Assemese
Priyala One who Gives Love Female Indian
Priyalata Loved One; Darling Female Indian
Priyam Beloved Female Indian
Priyam Beloved Male Indian
Priyamvada Sweet spoken Female Assemese
Priyamvada Sweet Spoken Female Indian
Priyamvadhana Beautiful Female Indian
Priyan Loving Male Indian
Priyana Ideal Female Indian
Priyangi Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian
Priyangu One who is Loving and Charming; A Flower which has Medicinal Values Male Indian
Priyanjali Cute Female Indian
Priyank Lovable Female Indian
Priyank Very Dear Husband Male Bengali
Priyank Loved One Male Indian
Priyanka Dear one; Beautiful; Lovable act Female Bengali
Priyanka Female Hindu
Priyanka Beautiful or Lovable Act; Symbol or Body Female Indian
Priyansh Lovable Part of Someone Male Indian
Priyanshi Lovable Female Indian
Priyanshi Lovable Part Male Indian
Priyanshu First Ray of Sunlight Female Indian
Priyanshu First Ray of Sunlight Male Indian
Priyanvad Sweet Talking Person Male Indian
Priyanvada One Who Speaks Nicely Female Assemese
Priyanvada One who Speaks Nicely Female Indian
Priyaranjan Beloved Male Bengali
Priyaranjan Beloved Male Indian
Priyasha Dear One Female Bengali
Priyasha Dear One Female Indian
Priyasmita Best Friend Female Indian
Priyatam Lover; Beloved One Male Indian
Priyatma N/A Male Indian
Priyatman Dear to Soul Male Indian
Priyavrata Fond of Spiritual Vows; Pleasing Vows Male Indian
Priyesh Loved by God Male Indian
Proais Lover of Hercules. Female Latin
Probal Beloved Male Indian
Procne Wife of Pandion. Female Greek
Procrustes Stretcher. Male Greek
Proculeius 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Caesar. Male Shakespearean
Profulla Lotus Female Indian
Profulla N/A Male Indian
Progya Prowess Female Indian
Progyan N/A Male Indian
Proinnsias Free. Male Teutonic
Proinsias Frank. Male Gaelic
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