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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Pulkita Female Hindu
Pulkita Always Smiling; Prasann Mukh; Aanandit; Khili Hui Female Indian
Puloma Wife of the sage Bhrigu Female Assemese
Puloma Wife of the Sage Bhrigu Female Indian
Pulomi Worshipped Female Indian
Puma mountain lion Both Filipino
Pumeet Innocent Male Indian
Pumnada N/A Male Indian
Pumnaga N/A Male Indian
Puna Again Female Indian
Puna Again Male Indian
Punacha N/A Male Indian
Punag A White Lotus Male Indian
Punam Full Moon Female Indian
Punan Clear; Bright Male Indian
Punarnava A Star Female Indian
Punarvasu The Repeated Dweller Male Indian
Punati A Flower Female Indian
Punati N/A Male Indian
Punav Full Moon Male Indian
Pundalik Lotus Male Bengali
Pundalik Lotus Male Indian
Pundari Female Hindu
Pundari Lotus Female Indian
Pundarik white in colour Male Hindu
Pundarik White Lotus Male Indian
Pundarika Lotus Like Female Indian
Pundarika The White Lotus Male Indian
Pundarikaksha Lotus Eyed Male Indian
Pundarin N/A Female Indian
Pundarin N/A Male Indian
Pundit the learned Female Thai
Pundra The White Lotus Male Indian
Pundrik N/A Male Indian
Puneet Pure Female Bengali
Puneet Pure Female Indian
Puneet Pure Male Indian
Puneeta Full Moon Female Indian
Puneeta N/A Male Indian
Puneeth Pure. Holy. Male Bengali
Puneeth Pure; Holy; Purity Male Indian
Punika A Star Female Indian
Punika N/A Male Indian
Punim Full Moon Night Female Indian
Punima Full Moon Female Indian
Punit Pure Male Indian
Punita Pure, Holy Female Hindi
Punita Female Hindu
Punita Pure; Holy Female Indian
Punita Holy; Pure Male Indian
Punites Beholding, my face. Female Biblical
Punith Pure Male Indian
Punitha Pure; Noble Female Indian
Punitham N/A Female Indian
Punj Pure Female Indian
Punj N/A Male Indian
Punkhudi Petals Female Indian
Punnagai Lovely Smile Female Assemese
Punnoose N/A Male Indian
Punom Full Moon Female Indian
Punon Precious stone, that beholds. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Puntayati Pure; Holy Female Indian
Punthali A Doll Female Bengali
Punthali A Doll Female Hindi
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