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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ptolema Female Greek
Ptolemy Name of a pharaoh. Male Egyptian
Ptolemy warlike Male Filipino
Ptolemy Male Greek
Pu Yai Bahn big man about town Male Thai
Puah Mouth, corner, bush of hair. Female Biblical
Pudarjunan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Pudens Shamefaced. Female Biblical
Pudhumai Creative; Novel Male Bengali
Pueblo From the city. Male Spanish
Puenthai gun Male Thai
Pugal Glory; Fame Male Indian
Pugalendhi Glorious; Admirable Male Indian
Pugazhal N/A Male Indian
Puja Worship Female Assemese
Puja Same As Pooja Female Hindi
Puja Worship Female Indian
Pujaka Worshipper Male Indian
Pujan The Ceremony of Worshipping Male Indian
Pujar N/A Male Indian
Pujayita Worshipper Male Indian
Pujayitri Worshipper Female Indian
Pujesh Something Worshipped Male Indian
Puji Gentle Female Hindi
Puji Gentle Female Indian
Pujika Worshipper Female Indian
Pujit Worshipped Male Bengali
Pujit Worshipped Male Indian
Pujita Worshipped Female Bengali
Pujita Worshipped Female Indian
Pujitha Prayer Female Indian
Pujitha N/A Male Indian
Pujya Respectable Female Assemese
Pujya Respectable Female Indian
Pujya Respectable; Worshipped Person Male Indian
Pujyakoti Name of a Holy Cow Male Indian
Pukhraj Topaz Male Indian
Pukraj A Jewel Male Indian
Pul Bean; Destruction Male Indian
Pula The Great Male Indian
Pulaha N/A Male Indian
Pulak A Gem Female Hindi
Pulak Gem Female Indian
Pulak Joy Male Indian
Pulakesh Joyous Male Bengali
Pulakesh Joyous Male Indian
Pulastya An Ancient Male Indian
Pulavan Topaz Male Indian
Puli Tiger Male Bengali
Puli Tiger Male Indian
Pulianda N/A Male Indian
Pulika Obedience Female Indian
Pulika N/A Male Indian
Pulikesi N/A Male Indian
Pulin Beautiful Male Indian
Pulina N/A Female Indian
Pulina N/A Male Indian
Pulish Name of a Sage Male Indian
Pulisha N/A Male Indian
Puliyur N/A Male Indian
Pulkesha N/A Male Indian
Pulkit Worship Female Indian
Pulkit Male Hindu
Pulkit Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed Male Indian
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