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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Puvanan N/A Male Indian -
Puvaraj N/A Male Indian -
Puvarasu King of Flowers Male Indian -
Puw Welsh form of Pugh 'son of Hugh'. Male Welsh -
Pwyll Mythical lord of Annwn. Male Celtic -
Pwyll Son of Howell. Male Welsh -
Pyare One who is Lovable Male Indian -
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Pyaremohan Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Pyas Thirsty Female Assemese -
Pyas Thirsty Female Indian -
Pyas Thirsty Male Indian -
Pygmalion King of Cyprus. Male Greek -
Pylades Friend of Orestes. Male Greek -
Pyn From the enclosure. Male English -
Pyotr A rock. Form of Peter. Male Russian -
Pyotr Stone. Male Slavic -
Pyramus Lover of Thisbe. Male Greek -
Pyramus 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Bottom, a weaver, acts as Pyramus in the play within the play. Male Shakespearean -
Pyrena fiery Female Greek -
Pyrene Ardent. Female Greek -
Pyrenie Ardent. Female Greek -
Pyrrha Daughter of Epimetheus. Female Greek -
Pyrrhus King of Epirus. Male Greek -
Pyrs Welsh form of Pierce 'rock'. Male Welsh -
Pyt From the Pit. Male English -
Pythia prophet Female Greek -
Pytor rock Male Filipino -
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