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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Puvanan N/A Male Indian
Puvaraj N/A Male Indian
Puvarasu King of Flowers Male Indian
Puw Welsh form of Pugh 'son of Hugh'. Male Welsh
Pwyll Mythical lord of Annwn. Male Celtic
Pwyll Son of Howell. Male Welsh
Pyare One who is Lovable Male Indian
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Male Bengali
Pyarelal Lord Krishna Male Indian
Pyaremohan Lord Krishna Male Indian
Pyas Thirsty Female Assemese
Pyas Thirsty Female Indian
Pyas Thirsty Male Indian
Pygmalion King of Cyprus. Male Greek
Pylades Friend of Orestes. Male Greek
Pyn From the enclosure. Male English
Pyotr A rock. Form of Peter. Male Russian
Pyotr Stone. Male Slavic
Pyramus Lover of Thisbe. Male Greek
Pyramus 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Bottom, a weaver, acts as Pyramus in the play within the play. Male Shakespearean
Pyrena fiery Female Greek
Pyrene Ardent. Female Greek
Pyrenie Ardent. Female Greek
Pyrrha Daughter of Epimetheus. Female Greek
Pyrrhus King of Epirus. Male Greek
Pyrs Welsh form of Pierce 'rock'. Male Welsh
Pyt From the Pit. Male English
Pythia prophet Female Greek
Pytor rock Male Filipino
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