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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Pushpanan Flower Faced Male Indian
Pushpangi Flower Bodied Female Indian
Pushpanjali Flower Offering Female Indian
Pushparaj King of Flowers Male Indian
Pushparani Queen of Flowers Female Indian
Pushparas Nectar Male Indian
Pushparn Flower Stream Male Indian
Pushpasri Bunch of Flowers Female Indian
Pushpavali Flower Vine Female Indian
Pushpavan Possessing Flowers; Perfume Male Indian
Pushpavat Flowery; The Sun and Moon Male Indian
Pushpavathi Possessing Flowers Female Indian
Pushpavati Blossoming Female Indian
Pushpaveni Braid of Flowers Female Indian
Pushpender Lord of Flower Male Indian
Pushpendra Flower Male Indian
Pushpendu The White Lotus Male Indian
Pushpesh Lord of Flowers Male Indian
Pushpi Flower Like; Soft; Tender; Beautiful Female Indian
Pushpika Decorated with Flowers; Flower Female Indian
Pushpin Rich in Flowers Male Indian
Pushpit Bearing Flowers; Blooming Male Indian
Pushpita Decorated With Flowers Female Assemese
Pushpita Decorated with Flowers Female Indian
Pushpita Flowered; Blossomed Male Indian
Pushpraj A Topaz Male Indian
Pushprekha Line of Flowers Female Indian
Pushpya N/A Female Indian
Pushpya N/A Male Indian
Pushta N/A Female Indian
Pushta N/A Male Indian
Pushti Possessor of All Wealth; Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian
Pushti Agreed Male Indian
Pushtika Well Nourished Girl Female Indian
Pushya Eighth Nakshatra Female Indian
Pushya Eighth Nakshatra Male Indian
Pushya Raag Topaz. Male Assemese
Pushyaja Born from Flower Female Indian
Pushyaraag Topaz Male Indian
Pushyati N/A Female Indian
Pushyati N/A Male Indian
Puskar Lotus Male Indian
Puskara Male Hindu
Puskara Blue Lotus; Fountain Male Indian
Puspa Flower Female Bengali
Puspa Flower Female Indian
Puspa Flower Male Indian
Puspang A Part of Flower Male Indian
Pusti Nourishment, Endorsement Female Hindi
Pusti nourishment, a form of the Devi, wife of Ganapati Female Hindu
Pusti Endorsement Female Indian
Putakini N/A Female Indian
Putakini N/A Male Indian
Putana Blowing Hard Female Assemese
Putana Blowing Hard Female Indian
Puteoli Sulphureous wells. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Puthyrith merciful power Male Cambodian
Putnam Advises. Male Anglo
Putnam From the commander's estate. Male English
Putnam from the sire's estate Male Old-English
Putrea Cambodian plum Female Cambodian
Putta Small Baby Male Indian
Puttal Pure Male Indian
Putul Doll Female Indian
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