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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Pushpanan Flower Faced Male Indian -
Pushpangi Flower Bodied Female Indian -
Pushpanjali Flower Offering Female Indian -
Pushparaj King of Flowers Male Indian -
Pushparani Queen of Flowers Female Indian -
Pushparas Nectar Male Indian -
Pushparn Flower Stream Male Indian -
Pushpasri Bunch of Flowers Female Indian -
Pushpavali Flower Vine Female Indian -
Pushpavan Possessing Flowers; Perfume Male Indian -
Pushpavat Flowery; The Sun and Moon Male Indian -
Pushpavathi Possessing Flowers Female Indian -
Pushpavati Blossoming Female Indian -
Pushpaveni Braid of Flowers Female Indian -
Pushpender Lord of Flower Male Indian -
Pushpendra Flower Male Indian -
Pushpendu The White Lotus Male Indian -
Pushpesh Lord of Flowers Male Indian -
Pushpi Flower Like; Soft; Tender; Beautiful Female Indian -
Pushpika Decorated with Flowers; Flower Female Indian -
Pushpin Rich in Flowers Male Indian -
Pushpit Bearing Flowers; Blooming Male Indian -
Pushpita Decorated With Flowers Female Assemese -
Pushpita Decorated with Flowers Female Indian -
Pushpita Flowered; Blossomed Male Indian -
Pushpraj A Topaz Male Indian -
Pushprekha Line of Flowers Female Indian -
Pushpya N/A Female Indian -
Pushpya N/A Male Indian -
Pushta N/A Female Indian -
Pushta N/A Male Indian -
Pushti Possessor of All Wealth; Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian -
Pushti Agreed Male Indian -
Pushtika Well Nourished Girl Female Indian -
Pushya Eighth Nakshatra Female Indian -
Pushya Eighth Nakshatra Male Indian -
Pushya Raag Topaz. Male Assemese -
Pushyaja Born from Flower Female Indian -
Pushyaraag Topaz Male Indian -
Pushyati N/A Female Indian -
Pushyati N/A Male Indian -
Puskar Lotus Male Indian -
Puskara Male Hindu -
Puskara Blue Lotus; Fountain Male Indian -
Puspa Flower Female Bengali -
Puspa Flower Female Indian -
Puspa Flower Male Indian -
Puspang A Part of Flower Male Indian -
Pusti Nourishment, Endorsement Female Hindi -
Pusti nourishment, a form of the Devi, wife of Ganapati Female Hindu -
Pusti Endorsement Female Indian -
Putakini N/A Female Indian -
Putakini N/A Male Indian -
Putana Blowing Hard Female Assemese -
Putana Blowing Hard Female Indian -
Puteoli Sulphureous wells. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Puthyrith merciful power Male Cambodian -
Putnam Advises. Male Anglo -
Putnam From the commander's estate. Male English -
Putnam from the sire's estate Male Old-English Putney
Putrea Cambodian plum Female Cambodian -
Putta Small Baby Male Indian -
Puttal Pure Male Indian -
Putul Doll Female Indian -
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