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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Pany Son of Harry. Male Welsh -
Panya Mouse, reference to a small baby Female African -
Panya Admired, Glorious, Excellent Female Assemese -
Panya Admired, Glorious, Excellent Female Bengali -
Panya Mouse. Female Egyptian -
Panya Admired; Glorious; Excellent Female Indian -
Panya Crowned in victory. Female Latin -
Panya crowned with laurel; mouse, small child Female Latin, Swahili -
Panyala N/A Male Indian -
Panyasree Beauty and Goodness of the Moon Female Indian -
Panyin older of twins Both Ghanese -
Panyin First born of twins Female African -
Paola small Female Filipino -
Paola Small; Petal; Humble; Little Female Indian -
Paola Little. Female Italian -
Paola Small. Female Latin -
Paola Small Male Indian -
Paolo small Male Filipino -
Paolo Italian form of Paul: Small. Male Italian -
Papa Father Male Indian -
Papahara Remover or Destroyer of Sins Male Indian -
Papaharana Remover or Destroyer of Sins Male Indian -
Papandrou Son of Ander. Male Greek -
Paphos Which boils, or is very hot. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Paphos Mother of Cinyras. Female Latin -
Papiha A Sweet Singing Bird Female Indian -
Papillon butterfly Female French -
Pappal N/A Female Indian -
Pappamma Sentence Female Indian -
Pappuyan N/A Male Indian -
Pappuyha Pulihara; Papaya Male Indian -
Pappy Kiss Male Indian -
Paprika spice Female Filipino -
Paquita free Female Filipino -
Paquito Free. Male Teutonic -
Para The Supreme Female Indian -
Para The Supreme Male Indian -
Paraag Pollen; Sandal Wood Male Indian -
Paraaga Flower Necter Male Indian -
Paraashar A Celebrated Saint Male Indian -
Paradhaman Supreme Adobe Male Indian -
Paradhya Advantage Male Indian -
Parag Emerald Female Indian -
Parag Male Hindu -
Parag Pollen Grains Male Indian -
Parah A cow, increasing. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Parajika A Raagini Female Indian -
Parakasa N/A Female Indian -
Parakh Satisfying; Pleasing Male Indian -
Parakram Strength Male Bengali -
Parakram Strength Male Indian -
Param The Best Male Indian -
Param-hans The Supreme Spirit Male Indian -
Parama The Best Female Bengali -
Parama The Best Female Indian -
Parama Supreme; Highest Male Indian -
Paramahamsa A sage of highest order (Eg:Ramakrishna Paramahamsa). Male Bengali -
Paramahamsa Pollen Grains Male Indian -
Paramahansa Supreme Ascetic Female Indian -
Paramak Highest; The Best Male Indian -
Paramakuru Ultimate Male Indian -
Paraman Supreme; Highest Male Indian -
Paramananda Supreme Bliss Male Indian -
Paramartha great entity Male Hindu -
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