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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Pancho free Male Filipino
Pancho Tuft; Plume; Frenchman; Nickname for Francisco and Frank Male Indian
Pancho Nickname for Francisco and Frank. Male Spanish
Pancholi Surname Male Indian
Pancratius Supreme ruler. Male Greek
Pancrazio supreme ruler, all powerful Male Italian
Pandala N/A Female Indian
Pandala Lord Shiva Male Indian
Pandalavasan One who Lives in Pandala ( a Place ) Male Indian
Pandareos A thief. Male Greek
Pandaribai N/A Female Indian
Pandarus Killed for breaking a truce. Male Greek
Pandarus 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' Uncle to Cressida. Male Shakespearean
Pandava River Female Indian
Pandava The Five Brothers in Mahabharata Male Indian
Pandavika N/A Female Indian
Pandavika N/A Male Indian
Pander 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' A Pander. Male Shakespearean
Pandhari Lord Vithobha Male Indian
Pandi Princess; Droupadi Female Indian
Pandi Lord Pandi Male Indian
Pandiamma A Doll Female Indian
Pandian South Indian Kings Male Indian
Pandit Pandit Male Bengali
Pandit Priest Male Indian
Pandita Learned; The Wise Man; Person Female Indian
Pandita scholar Male Hindu
Pandita Scholar Male Indian
Pandora talented one Female Greek
Pandu Fruit Female Indian
Pandu Fruit Male Indian
Panduloha N/A Female Indian
Panduloha N/A Male Indian
Pandulph 'King John' Cardinal Pandulph, the Pope's legate. Male Shakespearean
Pandurang A Diety Male Bengali
Pandurang Lord Vithobha Male Indian
Panduranga One with Pale White Complexion; Lord Vithobha Male Indian
Pandya Male Hindu
Pandya South Indian Dynasty Male Indian
Paneri Beautiful Legs Female Indian
Pani Water Male Indian
Panick N/A Male Indian
Panika The Hand Female Indian
Panika Shahid Male Indian
Paniman Skilled Male Indian
Panine A Sanskrit Grammarian Male Indian
Panini Skilful Female Assemese
Panini Skilful Female Hindi
Panini Skillful Female Indian
Panini The Great Scholar-grammarian Male Indian
Paniraj King of Cobra Male Indian
Panit Admired Male Indian
Panita Admired Female Bengali
Panita Admired Female Indian
Paniz candy Female Filipino
Panjab One with Pale White Complexion Male Indian
Panjali N/A Female Indian
Panjatram N/A Male Indian
Panjri Prashad Female Indian
Panju N/A Female Indian
Panju Smooth Male Indian
Panjumani N/A Male Indian
Panjwani N/A Male Indian
Pankaj lotus Male Bengali
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