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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Pancho free Male Filipino -
Pancho Tuft; Plume; Frenchman; Nickname for Francisco and Frank Male Indian -
Pancho Nickname for Francisco and Frank. Male Spanish -
Pancholi Surname Male Indian -
Pancratius Supreme ruler. Male Greek -
Pancrazio supreme ruler, all powerful Male Italian -
Pandala N/A Female Indian -
Pandala Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Pandalavasan One who Lives in Pandala ( a Place ) Male Indian -
Pandareos A thief. Male Greek -
Pandaribai N/A Female Indian -
Pandarus Killed for breaking a truce. Male Greek -
Pandarus 'The History of Troilus and Cressida' Uncle to Cressida. Male Shakespearean -
Pandava River Female Indian -
Pandava The Five Brothers in Mahabharata Male Indian -
Pandavika N/A Female Indian -
Pandavika N/A Male Indian -
Pander 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' A Pander. Male Shakespearean -
Pandhari Lord Vithobha Male Indian -
Pandi Princess; Droupadi Female Indian -
Pandi Lord Pandi Male Indian -
Pandiamma A Doll Female Indian -
Pandian South Indian Kings Male Indian -
Pandit Pandit Male Bengali -
Pandit Priest Male Indian -
Pandita Learned; The Wise Man; Person Female Indian -
Pandita scholar Male Hindu -
Pandita Scholar Male Indian -
Pandora talented one Female Greek Pan, Dora, Dory, Dorothy, Theodore, Theodora, Endora, Dorothea
Pandu Fruit Female Indian -
Pandu Fruit Male Indian -
Panduloha N/A Female Indian -
Panduloha N/A Male Indian -
Pandulph 'King John' Cardinal Pandulph, the Pope's legate. Male Shakespearean -
Pandurang A Diety Male Bengali -
Pandurang Lord Vithobha Male Indian -
Panduranga One with Pale White Complexion; Lord Vithobha Male Indian -
Pandya Male Hindu -
Pandya South Indian Dynasty Male Indian -
Paneri Beautiful Legs Female Indian -
Pani Water Male Indian -
Panick N/A Male Indian -
Panika The Hand Female Indian -
Panika Shahid Male Indian -
Paniman Skilled Male Indian -
Panine A Sanskrit Grammarian Male Indian -
Panini Skilful Female Assemese -
Panini Skilful Female Hindi -
Panini Skillful Female Indian -
Panini The Great Scholar-grammarian Male Indian -
Paniraj King of Cobra Male Indian -
Panit Admired Male Indian -
Panita Admired Female Bengali -
Panita Admired Female Indian -
Paniz candy Female Filipino -
Panjab One with Pale White Complexion Male Indian -
Panjali N/A Female Indian -
Panjatram N/A Male Indian -
Panjri Prashad Female Indian -
Panju N/A Female Indian -
Panju Smooth Male Indian -
Panjumani N/A Male Indian -
Panjwani N/A Male Indian -
Pankaj lotus Male Bengali -
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