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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Pankaj lotus flower Male Hindu -
Pankaj Lotus Flower Male Indian -
Pankaja Lotus Female Indian -
Pankaja Mud Born; Lotus Male Indian -
Pankajadharini Lotus Holder Female Indian -
Pankajaja Lotus Born Male Indian -
Pankajaksha Lotus Eyed Male Indian -
Pankajakshi Lotus Eyed Female Indian -
Pankajali Sincere Female Indian -
Pankajam Lotus Female Indian -
Pankajam N/A Male Indian -
Pankajan Lotus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Pankajanetra Lotus Eyed Male Indian -
Pankajanetri Lotus Eyed Female Indian -
Pankajavalli Skilful Female Indian -
Pankajeet Eagle; Garuda Male Indian -
Pankanabh Lotus Flower Male Indian -
Pankhadi Petal Female Hindi -
Pankhadi Petal Female Indian -
Pankhdi Flower Petal Female Indian -
Pankhudi Female Hindu -
Pankhudi Petal Female Indian -
Pankhuri Petal Female Bengali -
Pankhuri Petal Female Indian -
Pankit A Line Male Indian -
Pankita Female Hindu -
Pankita Clayish; Sludgy Female Indian -
Pankita N/A Male Indian -
Pankti Sentence Female Hindi -
Pankti Sentence Female Indian -
Pankuni Month Female Indian -
Panmoli Speaks Sweetly Male Bengali -
Panmoli Speaks Sweetly Male Indian -
Pann-Gesh King Of Serpents Male Bengali -
Pann-gesh King of Serpents Male Indian -
Panna Emerald Female Hindi -
Panna Emerald Female Indian -
Panna Emerald Male Indian -
Pannalal Emerald Male Indian -
Panneerdoss Lotus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Panner Life of Happy Male Indian -
Pannoowau He lies (Algonquin). Male Native-American -
Panos a rock Male Greek -
Panphila All loving. Female Greek -
Panshu N/A Female Indian -
Panshu Loard Shiva Male Indian -
Panshul Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Panshul Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Pansy After the flower by the same name. Pansy is not popular today as a result of its use as a slang term for a homosexual or an effeminate man. Female English -
Pansy thought Female French Pansee, Pansie, Pense
Pansy Flower. Female Greek -
Pant Father of Lancelot. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Pant Father of Lancelot Male Indian -
Panteleimon Merciful. Male Greek -
Panth Savage Male Indian -
Panthea all goddess Female Filipino -
Panthea All the gods. Female Greek -
Panthea of all the Gods Male Greek -
Panthin One who Shows the Way Male Indian -
Panthini One who Leads the Way; Guide Female Indian -
Panthino 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Servant to Antonio. Male Shakespearean -
Pantxike free Female Latin -
Panu Admiration Female Indian -
Panvi Lord Shiva Male Indian -
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