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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Pankaj lotus flower Male Hindu
Pankaj Lotus Flower Male Indian
Pankaja Lotus Female Indian
Pankaja Mud Born; Lotus Male Indian
Pankajadharini Lotus Holder Female Indian
Pankajaja Lotus Born Male Indian
Pankajaksha Lotus Eyed Male Indian
Pankajakshi Lotus Eyed Female Indian
Pankajali Sincere Female Indian
Pankajam Lotus Female Indian
Pankajam N/A Male Indian
Pankajan Lotus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Pankajanetra Lotus Eyed Male Indian
Pankajanetri Lotus Eyed Female Indian
Pankajavalli Skilful Female Indian
Pankajeet Eagle; Garuda Male Indian
Pankanabh Lotus Flower Male Indian
Pankhadi Petal Female Hindi
Pankhadi Petal Female Indian
Pankhdi Flower Petal Female Indian
Pankhudi Female Hindu
Pankhudi Petal Female Indian
Pankhuri Petal Female Bengali
Pankhuri Petal Female Indian
Pankit A Line Male Indian
Pankita Female Hindu
Pankita Clayish; Sludgy Female Indian
Pankita N/A Male Indian
Pankti Sentence Female Hindi
Pankti Sentence Female Indian
Pankuni Month Female Indian
Panmoli Speaks Sweetly Male Bengali
Panmoli Speaks Sweetly Male Indian
Pann-Gesh King Of Serpents Male Bengali
Pann-gesh King of Serpents Male Indian
Panna Emerald Female Hindi
Panna Emerald Female Indian
Panna Emerald Male Indian
Pannalal Emerald Male Indian
Panneerdoss Lotus; Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Panner Life of Happy Male Indian
Pannoowau He lies (Algonquin). Male Native-American
Panos a rock Male Greek
Panphila All loving. Female Greek
Panshu N/A Female Indian
Panshu Loard Shiva Male Indian
Panshul Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Panshul Lord Shiva Male Indian
Pansy After the flower by the same name. Pansy is not popular today as a result of its use as a slang term for a homosexual or an effeminate man. Female English
Pansy thought Female French
Pansy Flower. Female Greek
Pant Father of Lancelot. Male Arthurian-Legend
Pant Father of Lancelot Male Indian
Panteleimon Merciful. Male Greek
Panth Savage Male Indian
Panthea all goddess Female Filipino
Panthea All the gods. Female Greek
Panthea of all the Gods Male Greek
Panthin One who Shows the Way Male Indian
Panthini One who Leads the Way; Guide Female Indian
Panthino 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Servant to Antonio. Male Shakespearean
Pantxike free Female Latin
Panu Admiration Female Indian
Panvi Lord Shiva Male Indian
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