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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Radhakrishna Radha and Krishna Male Indian
Radhamani Beloved of Lord Krishna Female Indian
Radhamohana Infatuated with Radha Male Indian
Radhan Satisfaction Male Indian
Radhana Speech Female Indian
Radhani Worship Female Assemese
Radhani Worship Female Bengali
Radhani Worship Female Indian
Radharani Created Female Indian
Radharanjan Lord Krishna Male Indian
Radhatanaya Son of Radha Male Indian
Radhavallabh Lord Krishna Male Indian
Radhesh Lord Krishna Male Indian
Radheshyam Lord Krishna Male Bengali
Radheshyam Lord Krishna Male Indian
Radhey Karna Male Indian
Radheya Karna Male Indian
Radheyshyam Lord Krishna; Beloved of Radha Male Bengali
Radhia Pleasant, satisfied Female Arabic
Radhika a form of the Devi, 5th Sakti, wife of Krishna Female Hindu
Radhika Radha; Lover of Krishna Female Indian
Radhika Successful; Prosperous Male Indian
Radhiya Agreeable Female African
Radhiya Content, satisfied Female Arabic
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied Female Bengali
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied Female Indian
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied Male Indian
Radhu Lord Krishna Male Indian
Radhwa Name of Mountain in Medina Female Indian
Radhwaa a mountain in Medina Female Arabic
Radi Satisfied Male Arabic
Radi In Concordance; Satisfied Male Indian
Radi Satisfied, content Male Muslim
Radia N/A Male Indian
Radinka active Female Slavic
Radite Sun; Unpredictable and Radicalism Male Indian
Radiyah, Radhiya Content, satisfied Female Muslim
Radjoe N/A Male Indian
Radley From the red meadow. Male English
Radley From the Red Meadow Male Indian
Radman joy Male Slavic
Radmund Red haired defender. Male English
Radnor From the red shore. Male English
Radnya Daughter of King Female Indian
Radolf Red wolf. Male English
Radolph Red wolf. Male English
Radomér happy, peace Male Hungarian
Radorm Borother of Jolgeir. Male Norse
Radoslaw Loves peace. Male Polish
Radwa a mountain in Medina Female Arabic
Radwa, Radhwaa a mountain in Medina Female Muslim
Radwan Delight Male Indian
Rae Doe. Female English
Rae a short form of Rachel Female Hebrew
Rae doe Male Old-English
Rae Grace. Male Scottish
Raeburn dweller by the stream where does drink Male Teutonic
Raechel a form of Rachel Female Hebrew
Raechelle a form of Rachel Female Hebrew
Raed Red. Male English
Raedan Advises. Male Anglo
Raedanoran From the red shore. Male English
Raedbora Name of a king. Male Anglo
Raedburne Lives by the red stream. Male English
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