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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Rafi / Rafee High Ranking, Noble, Eminent, Exalted, Sublime. Male Afghan
Rafia High, Sublime. Female Arabic
Rafia High; Exalted; Sublime Female Indian
Rafia High, Sublime Female Muslim
Rafia / Rafeeia elevated, noble, sublime. Female of Rafi. Female Afghan
Rafiah Sublime, exquisite Female Arabic
Rafiah Sublime, exquisite Female Muslim
Rafid Support Male Muslim
Rafida Generous, liberal Female Arabic
Rafidah Support Female Muslim
Rafif to gleam, shimmer Female Muslim
Rafik Kind, friend Male Arabic
Rafik Don Bari Brahmana Da Male Indian
Rafiki Friend Male African
Rafiq Associate, Intimate friend, Companion. Male Afghan
Rafiq Kind, friend Male Arabic
Rafiq dear friend Male Filipino
Rafiq True Friend; Trustable; Helpful Male Indian
Rafiq Kind, friend Male Muslim
Rafiqah Friend, companion Female Arabic
Rafiqah Friend, companion Female Muslim
Rafiqh N/A Male Indian
Rag Piece of music Female Bengali
Rag Piece of Music Female Indian
Raga Harmonious Female Indian
Ragachandrika Lord Krishna's Lover Female Indian
Ragajanani Goddess Durga; Musical Related Name and Heart; Mother; Tenderness Female Indian
Ragamalika N/A Female Indian
Ragamaya Full of Passion; Music; Colour Female Indian
Ragasutra Radha; Lover of Krishna Female Indian
Ragav Lord of God Male Indian
Ragavarshini One who Showers Ragas Female Indian
Ragavarthini Elevation Female Indian
Ragavi Beautiful Girl Female Indian
Ragbhay Fearlful Anger Male Indian
Ragesh The Man who Sings Sweet Ragas Male Indian
Rageshwari Goddess of Melody; Master of Melodic Modes Female Indian
Rageswari Goddess of Melody; Master of Melodic Modes Female Indian
Ragha N/A Male Indian
Raghab Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghad Pleasant. Female Arabic
Raghad Pleasant Female Muslim
Raghad or Raghda Pleasant Female Muslim
Raghallach Valiant. Male Gaelic
Raghav Lord Rama Male Bengali
Raghav Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghava Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghavan Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghavendra Leader of the Raghus Male Indian
Raghavendran Lord Ram Male Indian
Raghavi Music Female Indian
Raghbir Warrior of the Raghu Family Male Indian
Raghd Pleasant Female Indian
Raghda Pleasant Female Arabic
Ragheb Desirous Male Arabic
Ragheb Desirous Male Indian
Ragheeda Prosperous, happy Female Arabic
Raghib Desirous Male Arabic
Raghib Desirous; Willing; Desiring Male Indian
Raghib Desiring, willing Male Muslim
Raghib, Ragheb Desirous, willing Male Muslim
Raghibah Desiring, desirous Female Arabic
Raghibah Desiring, desirous Female Muslim
Raghid Pleasant Male Muslim
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