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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Raghidah Pleasant Female Muslim -
Raghini A Musical Note Female Indian -
Raghnall Mighty power. Male Gaelic -
Raghnall Strong judgement Male Irish -
Raghnall Wise power. Male Teutonic -
Raghotham Greatest of All Male Indian -
Raghu The Family of Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghubeer Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghubir Lord Rama Male Bengali -
Raghubir Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghudas N/A Male Indian -
Raghukar Inspirer; Another Name of Kalidas Male Indian -
Raghukumara Lord Ram Male Indian -
Raghulan N/A Male Indian -
Raghunand Lord Ram Male Indian -
Raghunandan Son of Rahgu Male Indian -
Raghunandana Son of Rahgu Male Indian -
Raghunath Lord Rama Male Bengali -
Raghunath Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghunatha Leader of the Raghus Male Indian -
Raghupati Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuram Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuvansh One with the Qualities of Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuveer Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuvinderjit Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuvir Lord Rama Male Bengali -
Raghuvir Lord Rama Male Indian -
Raghuvira Hero of the Raghus Male Indian -
Ragi Loving Female Bengali -
Ragi Loving Female Hindi -
Ragi Loving Female Indian -
Ragi Full of Love; Delighting; Affectionate Male Indian -
Ragin Male Hindu -
Ragin N/A Male Indian -
Raginee Name of a Classical Melody Female Indian -
Ragini Melody Female Hindi -
Ragini Female Hindu -
Ragini A Melody Female Indian -
Ragish Very Angry Male Indian -
Ragnall Gawain's wife. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Ragnar Strong counselor. Ancient personal name. Male English -
Ragnar a wise leader Male Norse -
Ragnar Strong counselor. Ancient personal name. Male Scandinavian -
Ragnar Strong army. Male Swedish -
Ragnarok The final battle of the gods. Male Norse -
Ragnhild one who is wise in battle Female Norse -
Ragnol Wise power. Male Teutonic -
Ragnor Warrior from the gods. Male Norse -
Ragnor Strong army. Male Swedish -
Ragnvard Powerful fighter. Male Swedish -
Ragvinder Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Ragyul Colored; Ruby Male Indian -
Raha Peaceful Female Arabic -
Raha Peaceful Female Muslim -
Raha / Reha Free. Female Afghan -
Rahaam Priest Name Male Indian -
Rahab Large; extended (name of a woman) Female Biblical -
Rahab Female Hebrew -
Rahaf Delicate, fine Female Arabic -
Rahaf Delicate, fine Female Muslim -
Rahal Attachment Male Indian -
Rahaman Merciful Male Indian -
Rahas Secret Male Indian -
Rahasya Mystery Male Indian -
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