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Popular Baby Names starting with R

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Raghidah Pleasant Female Muslim
Raghini A Musical Note Female Indian
Raghnall Mighty power. Male Gaelic
Raghnall Strong judgement Male Irish
Raghnall Wise power. Male Teutonic
Raghotham Greatest of All Male Indian
Raghu The Family of Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghubeer Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghubir Lord Rama Male Bengali
Raghubir Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghudas N/A Male Indian
Raghukar Inspirer; Another Name of Kalidas Male Indian
Raghukumara Lord Ram Male Indian
Raghulan N/A Male Indian
Raghunand Lord Ram Male Indian
Raghunandan Son of Rahgu Male Indian
Raghunandana Son of Rahgu Male Indian
Raghunath Lord Rama Male Bengali
Raghunath Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghunatha Leader of the Raghus Male Indian
Raghupati Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuram Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuvansh One with the Qualities of Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuveer Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuvinderjit Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuvir Lord Rama Male Bengali
Raghuvir Lord Rama Male Indian
Raghuvira Hero of the Raghus Male Indian
Ragi Loving Female Bengali
Ragi Loving Female Hindi
Ragi Loving Female Indian
Ragi Full of Love; Delighting; Affectionate Male Indian
Ragin Male Hindu
Ragin N/A Male Indian
Raginee Name of a Classical Melody Female Indian
Ragini Melody Female Hindi
Ragini Female Hindu
Ragini A Melody Female Indian
Ragish Very Angry Male Indian
Ragnall Gawain's wife. Female Arthurian-Legend
Ragnar Strong counselor. Ancient personal name. Male English
Ragnar a wise leader Male Norse
Ragnar Strong counselor. Ancient personal name. Male Scandinavian
Ragnar Strong army. Male Swedish
Ragnarok The final battle of the gods. Male Norse
Ragnhild one who is wise in battle Female Norse
Ragnol Wise power. Male Teutonic
Ragnor Warrior from the gods. Male Norse
Ragnor Strong army. Male Swedish
Ragnvard Powerful fighter. Male Swedish
Ragvinder Lord Krishna Male Indian
Ragyul Colored; Ruby Male Indian
Raha Peaceful Female Arabic
Raha Peaceful Female Muslim
Raha / Reha Free. Female Afghan
Rahaam Priest Name Male Indian
Rahab Large; extended (name of a woman) Female Biblical
Rahab Female Hebrew
Rahaf Delicate, fine Female Arabic
Rahaf Delicate, fine Female Muslim
Rahal Attachment Male Indian
Rahaman Merciful Male Indian
Rahas Secret Male Indian
Rahasya Mystery Male Indian
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