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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Tahapenes Secret temptation. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Tahath Fear, going down. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Tahawwur Rashness Male Arabic
Tahawwur Rashness Male Muslim
Tahbert Brilliant. Male German
Taheem Pure Male Arabic
Taheem Pure Male Muslim
Taher / Tahir Virtuous, Pure, Pious, Modest, Clean, Chest. Male Afghan
Tahera Pure, chaste. Female Arabic
Tahera Pure, chaste Female Muslim
Taherah Clean, pure, chaste. Female of Taher. Female Afghan
Tahil Royal Son of Jaya Male Indian
Tahila Darkness Female Indian
Tahir Pure Male African
Tahir chaste, pure Male Arabic
Tahir Holy. Male Bengali
Tahir Holy Male Indian
Tahir Pure, clean, chaste, modest Male Muslim
Tahira Pure, chaste Female Arabic
Tahira Holy, Pure Female Muslim
Tahira, Tahirah pure Female Filipino
Tahirah chaste, pure Female Arabic
Tahirah Pristine. Female Egyptian
Tahirah Chaste, pure Female Muslim
Tahirah, Taahira Pure, chaste Female Muslim
Tahiya Greeting Female Muslim
Tahiyah Greeting Female Arabic
Tahiyah Greeting Female Muslim
Tahiyat Greetings Female Arabic
Tahiyat Greetings Female Muslim
Tahj Crown Male Indian
Tahkeome Little robe (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Tahlia Lamb or lambkin Female Hebrew
Tahmeed Allahs servant Male Arabic
Tahmelapachme Dull knife (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Tahmid Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah Male Arabic
Tahminah A female character in Shahnameh, Rustam's wife. Female Afghan
Tahoma With a Cute Personality Male Indian
Tahoor Purity Male Arabic
Tahoor Purity Male Muslim
Tahoora Pious, pure Female Arabic
Tahpenes Standard, flight, temptation. Female Biblical
Tahseen Acclaim appreciation Male Arabic
Tahseen Acclaim, appreciation Male Muslim
Tahseenah Acclaim. Female Arabic
Tahseenah Acclaim Female Muslim
Tahsin Beautification Male Arabic
Tahsin Beautification Male Muslim
Tahurer Drummer. Male English
Tahzai Female Unknown
Tai from Thailand Both Filipino
Tai talent; from Thailand Both Vietnamese, American
Tai prosperous; talented Female Vietnamese
Tai weather; prosperous Male Vietnamese
Taiah Submissive, pious Female Arabic
Taib Very Good Person Male Indian
Taibah Repentant. Female Arabic
Taibah Repentant Female Muslim
Taidgh Honor. Male Greek
Taidhg Poet. Male Gaelic
Taigen great ambition Male Japanese
Taillefer Works in iron. Male French
Tailynn Female Unknown
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Male Arabic
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