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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tahapenes Secret temptation. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Tahath Fear, going down. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Tahawwur Rashness Male Arabic -
Tahawwur Rashness Male Muslim -
Tahbert Brilliant. Male German -
Taheem Pure Male Arabic -
Taheem Pure Male Muslim -
Taher / Tahir Virtuous, Pure, Pious, Modest, Clean, Chest. Male Afghan -
Tahera Pure, chaste. Female Arabic -
Tahera Pure, chaste Female Muslim -
Taherah Clean, pure, chaste. Female of Taher. Female Afghan -
Tahil Royal Son of Jaya Male Indian -
Tahila Darkness Female Indian -
Tahir Pure Male African -
Tahir chaste, pure Male Arabic -
Tahir Holy. Male Bengali -
Tahir Holy Male Indian -
Tahir Pure, clean, chaste, modest Male Muslim -
Tahira Pure, chaste Female Arabic -
Tahira Holy, Pure Female Muslim -
Tahira, Tahirah pure Female Filipino -
Tahirah chaste, pure Female Arabic -
Tahirah Pristine. Female Egyptian -
Tahirah Chaste, pure Female Muslim -
Tahirah, Taahira Pure, chaste Female Muslim -
Tahiya Greeting Female Muslim -
Tahiyah Greeting Female Arabic -
Tahiyah Greeting Female Muslim -
Tahiyat Greetings Female Arabic -
Tahiyat Greetings Female Muslim -
Tahj Crown Male Indian -
Tahkeome Little robe (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Tahlia Lamb or lambkin Female Hebrew -
Tahmeed Allahs servant Male Arabic -
Tahmelapachme Dull knife (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Tahmid Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah Male Arabic -
Tahminah A female character in Shahnameh, Rustam's wife. Female Afghan -
Tahoma With a Cute Personality Male Indian -
Tahoor Purity Male Arabic -
Tahoor Purity Male Muslim -
Tahoora Pious, pure Female Arabic -
Tahpenes Standard, flight, temptation. Female Biblical -
Tahseen Acclaim appreciation Male Arabic -
Tahseen Acclaim, appreciation Male Muslim -
Tahseenah Acclaim. Female Arabic -
Tahseenah Acclaim Female Muslim -
Tahsin Beautification Male Arabic -
Tahsin Beautification Male Muslim -
Tahurer Drummer. Male English -
Tahzai Female Unknown Tahzay
Tai from Thailand Both Filipino -
Tai talent; from Thailand Both Vietnamese, American -
Tai prosperous; talented Female Vietnamese -
Tai weather; prosperous Male Vietnamese -
Taiah Submissive, pious Female Arabic -
Taib Very Good Person Male Indian -
Taibah Repentant. Female Arabic -
Taibah Repentant Female Muslim -
Taidgh Honor. Male Greek -
Taidhg Poet. Male Gaelic -
Taigen great ambition Male Japanese -
Taillefer Works in iron. Male French -
Tailynn Female Unknown -
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Male Arabic -
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