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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Takahiro abundantly filial Male Japanese
Takai Male Japanese
Takako child of Taka Female Japanese
Takane mountain peak Female Japanese
Takara treasure, precious object Female Japanese
Takdeer Of Great Fortune; Destiny; Fortune; Luck Male Indian
Take bamboo; symbol of fidelity Female Japanese
Takeo warrior Male Japanese
Takhat Royal Thorn; Master of Empire Male Indian
Takhvinder Lord of Empire Male Indian
Takis All holy. Male Greek
Takiyah Piety Female African
Takiyah Pious, righteous Female Arabic
Takiyah Pious, righteous Female Muslim
Takiyah pious, righteous Female North African
Takiyo great light Male Japanese
Takoda friend to all Female Native-American
Takoda Friend to everyone (Sioux). Male Native-American
Takouhi queen Female Armenian
Taksa A Son Of Bharata Male Bengali
Taksa a son of Bharata Male Hindu
Taksa Son of Bharata Male Indian
Taksaka Cutter; Carpenter Male Indian
Taksha King Bharat's Son Male Indian
Takshak A Cobra Male Indian
Takshaka Carpenter Male Indian
Taksheel Someone With A Strong Character Male Bengali
Taksheel A Strong Character Male Indian
Takshila Beauty Female Indian
Taksony well fed, content, merciless, wild Male Hungarian
Taku Male Japanese
Takul Strong; Good Nature Male Indian
Takvor crowned Male Armen
Tal Dew of heaven Female Hebrew
Tal Tall. Male English
Tal Dew. Male Israeli
Tala morning star Female Filipino
Tala Bottom Female Indian
Tala stalking wolf Female Native-American
Tala Bottom Male Indian
Taladhvaja Palm Bannered Male Indian
Talah Young palm tree Female Arabic
Talah, Taalah Young palm tree Female Muslim
Talaith Diadem. Female Welsh
Talajangha With Legs as Long as a Palm Tree Male Indian
Talak To Release Male Indian
Talakaksi With Green Eyes Female Indian
Talaketu Bhishma Pitamaha Male Assemese
Talaketu Bhishma Male Indian
Talakhya With the Scent of a Palm Tree Female Indian
Talakya N/A Female Indian
Talakya N/A Male Indian
Talal Nice admirable Male Arabic
Talal Nice; Admirable Male Indian
Talal Nice, admirable Male Muslim
Talank Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Talank Lord Shiva Male Indian
Talar fresh Female Armenian
Talar From the headland in the field. Female Welsh
Talasi corn-tassel flower Female Hopi Indian
Talat Countenance. Male Arabic
Talat Prayer Male Indian
Talat Countenance Male Muslim
Talavali N/A Female Indian
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