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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Male Muslim -
Taima Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Arabic -
Taima crash of thunder Female Native-American -
Taima Thunder. Male Native-American -
Taima, Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Muslim -
Taimoor N/A Male Indian -
Taimur Iron Male Arabic -
Taimur Iron Male Muslim -
Tainn new moon Female Native-American -
Taipa to spread wings Female Miwok Indian -
Taisha Full of Aliveness Female Indian -
Taishiro ambitious boy Male Japanese -
Tait Pleasant and bright. Female Anglo -
Tait Brings joy. Female English -
Tait Cheerful. Male English -
Tait Happy. Male Norse -
Tait Mirth. Male Scandinavian -
Tait Happy. Male Swedish -
Taite cheerful Both Filipino -
Taite Pleasant and bright. Female Anglo -
Taithleach Quiet. Female Gaelic -
Taithleach Quiet. Male Gaelic -
Taittiri Sprung from a Partridge Male Indian -
Taiwan island dweller Male Chinese -
Taiwo First born of twins Female African -
Taiwo First born of twins Male African -
Taiyo sun Male Japanese -
Taizeen Encouragement Male Bengali -
Taizeen Encouragement Male Indian -
Taj Crown; Jewel Female Indian -
Taj Crown. Male Afghan -
Taj Exalted. (Urdu). Male African -
Taj Crown Male Arabic -
Taj Crown/ Jewel Male Assemese -
Taj Crown/ Jewel Male Bengali -
Taj Crown Male Indian -
Taj Crown Male Muslim -
Taj Crown. Male Sanskrit -
Taj al Din Crown of the faith Male Arabic -
Taj al Din Crown of the faith Male Muslim -
Taja Crown Female Indian -
Tajagna Brilliant Female Indian -
Tajammal Beautiful Male Arabic -
Tajammal Beautiful Male Muslim -
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp. Male Arabic -
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp Male Muslim -
Tajamul Luxury, articles of luxury, articles de luxe. Male Afghan -
Tajana Princess Female Indian -
Tajana N/A Male Indian -
TajBakhsh Crown division. Male Afghan -
Tajdar Crowned Male Indian -
Tajei Spear of Thor. Male Norse -
Tajender God of Grandeur Male Indian -
Tajh N/A Male Indian -
Tajim Respect Male Arabic -
Tajim Respect Male Indian -
Tajo day Male Spanish -
Tajo Day. Male Teutonic -
Tajsa princess Female Unknown -
Tajshak N/A Male Indian -
TajUdin Crown of the religion. Male Afghan -
Tajudinn Crown of religion. Male Arabic -
Tajudinn Crown of religion Male Muslim -
Taka tall, honorable Female Japanese -
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