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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God Male Muslim
Taima Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Arabic
Taima crash of thunder Female Native-American
Taima Thunder. Male Native-American
Taima, Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia Female Muslim
Taimoor N/A Male Indian
Taimur Iron Male Arabic
Taimur Iron Male Muslim
Tainn new moon Female Native-American
Taipa to spread wings Female Miwok Indian
Taisha Full of Aliveness Female Indian
Taishiro ambitious boy Male Japanese
Tait Pleasant and bright. Female Anglo
Tait Brings joy. Female English
Tait Cheerful. Male English
Tait Happy. Male Norse
Tait Mirth. Male Scandinavian
Tait Happy. Male Swedish
Taite cheerful Both Filipino
Taite Pleasant and bright. Female Anglo
Taithleach Quiet. Female Gaelic
Taithleach Quiet. Male Gaelic
Taittiri Sprung from a Partridge Male Indian
Taiwan island dweller Male Chinese
Taiwo First born of twins Female African
Taiwo First born of twins Male African
Taiyo sun Male Japanese
Taizeen Encouragement Male Bengali
Taizeen Encouragement Male Indian
Taj Crown; Jewel Female Indian
Taj Crown. Male Afghan
Taj Exalted. (Urdu). Male African
Taj Crown Male Arabic
Taj Crown/ Jewel Male Assemese
Taj Crown/ Jewel Male Bengali
Taj Crown Male Indian
Taj Crown Male Muslim
Taj Crown. Male Sanskrit
Taj al Din Crown of the faith Male Arabic
Taj al Din Crown of the faith Male Muslim
Taja Crown Female Indian
Tajagna Brilliant Female Indian
Tajammal Beautiful Male Arabic
Tajammal Beautiful Male Muslim
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp. Male Arabic
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp Male Muslim
Tajamul Luxury, articles of luxury, articles de luxe. Male Afghan
Tajana Princess Female Indian
Tajana N/A Male Indian
TajBakhsh Crown division. Male Afghan
Tajdar Crowned Male Indian
Tajei Spear of Thor. Male Norse
Tajender God of Grandeur Male Indian
Tajh N/A Male Indian
Tajim Respect Male Arabic
Tajim Respect Male Indian
Tajo day Male Spanish
Tajo Day. Male Teutonic
Tajsa princess Female Unknown
Tajshak N/A Male Indian
TajUdin Crown of the religion. Male Afghan
Tajudinn Crown of religion. Male Arabic
Tajudinn Crown of religion Male Muslim
Taka tall, honorable Female Japanese
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