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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vahuli Leader Male Indian -
Vaibavi Landlord; Rich Person Female Indian -
Vaibhav Male Hindu -
Vaibhav Richness Male Indian -
Vaibhava Grandeur Male Indian -
Vaibhavi Affluence Female Indian -
Vaibhavi Affluence Male Indian -
Vaibudh Belonging to the Gods; Divine Male Indian -
Vaidarbhee Grass Female Indian -
Vaidarbhi Rukhmini; Wife Of Krishna Female Bengali -
Vaidarbhi Rukhmini; Wife of Krishna Female Indian -
Vaideha Of Videhas Male Indian -
Vaidehi Name of Sita Female Assemese -
Vaidehi Sita; Wife Of Ram Female Hindi -
Vaidehi Name of Sita Female Indian -
Vaidhav Son of the Moon Male Indian -
Vaidheeswarran Lord Brahma Male Indian -
Vaidhoorya A River Female Indian -
Vaidhrit A Particular Position of the Sun and the Moon Male Indian -
Vaidhriti Properly Adjusted; With a Similar Disposition Female Indian -
Vaidhurya Anything Excellent of Its Kind; A Cat's Eye Jewel Male Indian -
Vaidhyat Supporter of Law Male Indian -
Vaidik Enlightening Male Indian -
Vaidya Healer Female Indian -
Vaidya Doctor Male Indian -
Vaidyanaath Master of Medicines Male Indian -
Vaidyanath Master Of Medicines, Male Assemese -
Vaidyanath Master of Medicines Male Indian -
Vaidyut Flashing; Brilliant Male Indian -
Vaiga A River in Tamil Nadu; Goddess Parvathi Female Indian -
Vaihayas Richness Male Indian -
Vaijanti Flag; Banner Female Indian -
Vaijantimala Lord Vishnu's Garland Female Indian -
Vaijayant Bestower of Victory Male Indian -
Vaijayanthi Prize; Garland of Lord Vishnu Female Indian -
Vaijayanti A Garland Of Lord Vishnu Female Bengali -
Vaijayanti Prize Female Hindi -
Vaijayanti A Garland of Lord Vishnu Female Indian -
Vaijayi Victor Male Bengali -
Vaijayi Victor Male Indian -
Vaijeenath Lord Siva Male Indian -
Vaijnath Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Vaikartan Name Of Karna Male Assemese -
Vaikartan Name of Karna Male Indian -
Vaikha Goddess Parvathi Female Indian -
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vaiko N/A Male Indian -
Vaikundanathan Victor Male Indian -
Vaikundavasan Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vaikundh N/A Male Indian -
Vaikunth Vaikuntam; The Abode of Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vaikunth-Nath Master Of Heavens Male Assemese -
Vaikuntha The Savior Male Indian -
Vail from the valley Female Old-French Vayle, Vale, Valle, Val
Vail Lives in the valley. Male English -
Vail From the vale. Male French -
Vail Valley; From the Valley Male Indian -
Vaimitra Friend of the Universe Male Indian -
Vainatey Humble; Modest Male Indian -
Vainavi Gold Female Assemese -
Vainavi Gold Female Hindi -
Vainavi Gold Female Indian -
Vainavik Flute Player Male Indian -
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