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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vishwatma Universal Soul Male Indian -
Vishwesh The Lord Almighty Male Indian -
Vishweshwar Lord of the Universe Male Indian -
Vishweswari Subject Female Indian -
Vishy N/A Male Indian -
Visikha Arrow; Dart Male Indian -
Visisht One who Excels Everything Male Indian -
Visita Light Before Dusk Male Indian -
Vismay Surprise Male Indian -
Vismaya Amazing Female Bengali -
Vismaya Surprise Female Indian -
Vismaya Surprise Male Indian -
Vismita Wonderment; Amazement Female Indian -
Visna destiny; fate Male Cambodian -
Visodhana Cleansing Male Indian -
Visoka Without Grief Male Indian -
Visoth heavenly; pure Male Cambodian -
Visothirith heavenly; pure Male Cambodian -
Visrama Tranquil; At Ease Male Indian -
Visravas N/A Male Indian -
Visruta Pure; Clean Male Indian -
Visruth Much Heard of; Famous; Celebrated; Pleased; Delighted; Happy; Son of Vasudeva; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vistarini A Goddess Female Indian -
Visu Name of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Visva Entire; All Female Indian -
Visva Entire; All Male Indian -
Visvajit one who conquers the universe Male Bengali -
Visvajit one who conquers the universe Male Hindu -
Visvajit One who Conquers the Universe Male Indian -
Visvakarman architect, son of Yogasiddha Male Hindu -
Visvama Universal Male Indian -
Visvanatha Master of the Universe Male Indian -
Visvarupa Embodiment of the Universe Male Indian -
Visvasa Confidence Male Indian -
Visvayu brother of Amavasuand Satayu Male Hindu -
Visvayu Brother of Amavasuand Satayu Male Indian -
Visvesa Lord of the Universe Male Indian -
Viswajit Conqueror of Universe Male Indian -
Viswanath Male Hindu -
Viswanath God of Universe Male Indian -
Viswanatha Worlds Owner; Rich Male Indian -
Viswanathan Lord of the universe. The formof Siva worshipped in Benaras,India. Male Bengali -
Viswarupa N/A Female Indian -
Viswas Trust Male Indian -
Visweseara Boss of Universe; God of Universe Male Indian -
Viswesh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Visweswara Lord Siva's Name Male Indian -
Vitéz brave warrior Male Hungarian -
Vita Life; Wish Female Indian -
Vita life Female Latin Vitas, Verta, Vitia
Vitabhay Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vitabhi Fearless Female Indian -
Vitachinta Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian -
Vitaharya Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Vitaharya Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Vitahavya Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Vitak Very Wealthy Male Indian -
Vitaka World Female Indian -
Vitaka N/A Male Indian -
Vitakama N/A Female Indian -
Vitakama N/A Male Indian -
Vitale Life. Male Italian -
Vitalis alive Male Filipino -
Vitamanyu Free from Anger Male Indian -
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