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Popular Baby Names starting with V

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Vitana Extension; Heap; Plenty; Abundance Female Indian -
Vitap Guarding Wealth Male Indian -
Vitarag Calm; Tranquil Male Indian -
Vitaraga A Goddess Female Indian -
Vitaraga N/A Male Indian -
Vitashank Fearless; Brave Male Indian -
Vitashoka N/A Female Indian -
Vitashoka Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vitashokha One who does Not Mourn Male Indian -
Vitasta A River Female Indian -
Vitasta River Jhelum in Sanskrit Male Assemese -
Vitasta River Jhelum in Sanskrit Male Indian -
Vitastaa A Measure of Length which is from the Wrist to the Tip of the Fingers Female Indian -
Vitath A Sage Male Indian -
Vitatya To Expand; A King Male Indian -
Vitenka Victor. Male Russian -
Vitesh N/A Male Indian -
Vithala Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vithara spacious; expansive Male Cambodian -
Vithi N/A Female Indian -
Vithi N/A Male Indian -
Vithika Pathway Female Assemese -
Vithika Pathway Female Bengali -
Vithika Pathway Female Hindi -
Vithika Pathway Female Indian -
Vithu intelligent; scholarly Male Cambodian -
Viti Light Female Hindi -
Viti Light Female Indian -
Vitia Life. Female Latin -
Vitin Light Male Indian -
Vito life Male Filipino -
Vito Victor. Male Italian -
Vito conquerer Male Latin -
Vito Vital. Male Spanish -
Vitola Very Calm; A River Female Indian -
Vitola Peaceful Male Bengali -
Vitola Peaceful Male Indian -
Vitrishna Content; Satisfied Female Indian -
Vittada Wealth Giver Female Indian -
Vittal N/A Male Indian -
Vittala N/A Male Indian -
Vittanath owner of wealth (Kuber) Male Assemese -
Vittanath Owner of Money; Kuber Male Indian -
Vittesh Lord of Wealth Male Indian -
Vitthal Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Vitthal Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Vitthala Ascetic Male Indian -
Vitti Consciousness; Understanding; Intelligence Female Indian -
Vittoria Triumphant. Female Latin -
Vittorio winner, conqueror Male Filipino -
Vittorio Victor. Male Italian -
Vitul Extensive; King Male Indian -
Viv Diminutive of Viva: Alive. Female Latin -
Viva full of life Female Filipino -
Viva Long-live; Springlike; Fresh; Dewy; Alive; Full of Life; Life Female Indian -
Viva Alive. Female Latin -
Vivaan Lord Krishna Male Assemese -
Vivaan Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Vivam To Expand Male Indian -
Vivan Moon Male Indian -
Vivash Bright Male Bengali -
Vivash Bright Male Indian -
Vivashvat Brilliant; The Sun Male Indian -
Vivashvati Shining Female Indian -
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