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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Sagheerah Short Female Muslim
Sagira Little one. Female Egyptian
Sagittarius the archer Female Filipino
Sagnika With Fire Female Indian
Sagun Auspicious Female Hindi
Sagun Auspicious Female Indian
Saguna Possessed Of Good Qualities Female Bengali
Saguna Virtuous Female Hindi
Saguna Possessed of Good Qualities Female Indian
Saha Enduring; Mighty Female Indian
Sahadevi Protected by the Goddesses; Mighty Goddess Female Indian
Sahaj Female Friend Female Indian
Sahaja Natural; Original; Innate Female Indian
Sahajadevi Wave Female Indian
Sahala Smooth Female Indian
Sahana patience Female Assemese
Sahana Patience Female Hindi
Sahana Female Hindu
Sahana A Raga; Patience Female Indian
Sahar Dawn. Female Afghan
Sahar Dawn Female Muslim
Sahara the moon Female Arabic
Sahara dawn Female Filipino
Saharika N/A Female Indian
Saharish Cool and fresh breeze of morning Female Arabic
Sahasra A New Beginning Female Indian
Sahastra Thousand Female Indian
Sahaswini N/A Female Indian
Saheli Friend Female Bengali
Saheli Friend Female Hindi
Saheli friend Female Hindu
Saheli Friend Female Indian
Sahen Friend Female Indian
Saher Morning; Subha Female Indian
Sahiba The Lady Female Assemese
Sahiba Lady Female Hindi
Sahiba lady Female Hindu
Sahiba The Lady Female Indian
Sahibah Colleague Female Arabic
Sahibah Colleague Female Muslim
Sahila Guide Female Assemese
Sahila Guide Female Hindi
Sahila guide Female Hindu
Sahila Guide Female Indian
Sahima Snowed Female Hindi
Sahima Snowed Female Indian
Sahira Mountain Female Assemese
Sahira Mountain Female Bengali
Sahira Mountain Female Hindi
Sahira Mountain Female Indian
Sahirah Wakeful Female Arabic
Sahirah Wakeful Female Muslim
Sahita Being Near; A River Female Indian
Sahitha Being Near Female Indian
Sahithi Literature Female Indian
Sahiti Literature Female Indian
Sahitya Literature Female Indian
Sahja Natural Female Indian
Sahjaa N/A Female Indian
Sahla Smooth; Soft; Fluent; Flowing Style Female Indian
Sahlah Easy, convenient Female Arabic
Sahlah Easy, convenient Female Muslim
Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing Female Muslim
Sahna Form; Figure; Complexion Female Indian
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