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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sagheerah Short Female Muslim -
Sagira Little one. Female Egyptian -
Sagittarius the archer Female Filipino -
Sagnika With Fire Female Indian -
Sagun Auspicious Female Hindi -
Sagun Auspicious Female Indian -
Saguna Possessed Of Good Qualities Female Bengali -
Saguna Virtuous Female Hindi -
Saguna Possessed of Good Qualities Female Indian -
Saha Enduring; Mighty Female Indian -
Sahadevi Protected by the Goddesses; Mighty Goddess Female Indian -
Sahaj Female Friend Female Indian -
Sahaja Natural; Original; Innate Female Indian -
Sahajadevi Wave Female Indian -
Sahala Smooth Female Indian -
Sahana patience Female Assemese -
Sahana Patience Female Hindi -
Sahana Female Hindu -
Sahana A Raga; Patience Female Indian -
Sahar Dawn. Female Afghan -
Sahar Dawn Female Muslim -
Sahara the moon Female Arabic Shahar
Sahara dawn Female Filipino -
Saharika N/A Female Indian -
Saharish Cool and fresh breeze of morning Female Arabic -
Sahasra A New Beginning Female Indian -
Sahastra Thousand Female Indian -
Sahaswini N/A Female Indian -
Saheli Friend Female Bengali -
Saheli Friend Female Hindi -
Saheli friend Female Hindu Sakhi, Sakina
Saheli Friend Female Indian -
Sahen Friend Female Indian -
Saher Morning; Subha Female Indian -
Sahiba The Lady Female Assemese -
Sahiba Lady Female Hindi -
Sahiba lady Female Hindu -
Sahiba The Lady Female Indian -
Sahibah Colleague Female Arabic -
Sahibah Colleague Female Muslim -
Sahila Guide Female Assemese -
Sahila Guide Female Hindi -
Sahila guide Female Hindu -
Sahila Guide Female Indian -
Sahima Snowed Female Hindi -
Sahima Snowed Female Indian -
Sahira Mountain Female Assemese -
Sahira Mountain Female Bengali -
Sahira Mountain Female Hindi -
Sahira Mountain Female Indian -
Sahirah Wakeful Female Arabic -
Sahirah Wakeful Female Muslim -
Sahita Being Near; A River Female Indian -
Sahitha Being Near Female Indian -
Sahithi Literature Female Indian -
Sahiti Literature Female Indian -
Sahitya Literature Female Indian -
Sahja Natural Female Indian -
Sahjaa N/A Female Indian -
Sahla Smooth; Soft; Fluent; Flowing Style Female Indian -
Sahlah Easy, convenient Female Arabic -
Sahlah Easy, convenient Female Muslim -
Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing Female Muslim -
Sahna Form; Figure; Complexion Female Indian -
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