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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Oswald, Othello God rule Male Filipino
Oswaldo Divine power. Male Teutonic
Oswallt Welsh form of Oswald 'strength from God'. Male Welsh
Osweald Divinely powerful. Male English
Oswell Divinely powerful. Male English
Oswin Divine friend Male Anglo
Oswin Divine friend; God's friend. Male English
Oswin God friend Male Old-English
Oswin God's friend. Male Scandinavian
Oswine Name of a king. Male Anglo
Oswiu Name of a king. Male Anglo
Oswy Ox. Male Anglo
Oszkar Hungarian form of Oscar 'leaping warrior'. Male Hungarian
Oszlár Male Hungarian
Ota Rich. Male Teutonic
Otaktay Kills many (Sioux). Male Native-American
Otave N/A Male Indian
Othello 'The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice' Othello, the Moor, general of the Venetian forces. Male Shakespearean
Othin God of the sky. Male Norse
Othman Wealthy. Male German
Othmann Wealthy. Male German
Othmar Happy fame. Male Teutonic
Othniel strength of God Male Hebrew
Otho Wealthy. Male German
Othomann Wealthy. Male German
Otik Wealthy. Male Czechoslovakian
Otik Rich. Male Teutonic
Otis wealth Male Filipino
Otis Wealthy. Male German
Otis Keen of hearing. Male Greek
Otis acute; wealthy Male Greek, Old-German
Otniel God is my strength Male Hebrew
Oto Rich. Male Teutonic
Otoahhastis Tall bull (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Otoahnacto Bull bear (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Otokars Rich. Male Teutonic
Otomars Rich. Male Teutonic
Otoniel God is my strength Male Hebrew
Otos Keen of hearing. Male Greek
Ottah Third born. Male Egyptian
Ottakoothan Poet Male Indian
Ottar Fighter. Male Norse
Otto wealth Male Filipino
Otto Born eighth or wealthy. Male German
Otto Wealthy. Male Swedish
Otto Wealthy. Male Teutonic
Ottokar Happy fighter. Male German
Ottoway Lucky in war. Male Teutonic
Otus Keen of hearing. Male Greek
Otway Lucky in war. Male Teutonic
Oubastet A cat. Male Egyptian
Oudichya N/A Male Indian
Oudom supreme; magnificent Male Cambodian
Oudumber Vishnu Male Assemese
Oudumber Vishnu Male Indian
Ouray Arrow. Male Native-American
Ourson Little bear. Male French
Outram Wealthy raven. Male Teutonic
Ovadiah Servant of God Male Hebrew
Ovadya Serves God Male Hebrew
Ovaegir Father of the Skraeling children. Male Norse
Ovais N/A Male Indian
Ove Ancestors. Male Norse
Ove Egg. Male Swedish
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