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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Omari High born. Male Egyptian
Omarion Combination of Omar and -ion Male Filipino
Omarjeet Male Hindu
Omarjeet Lord of Om Male Indian
Omarr God the highest (Swahili). Male African
Omaswat Friendly; Favourable Male Indian
Omav Om Avtar; Disciple of the God Male Indian
Omawnakw Cloud feather (Hopi). Male Native-American
Omdearoop Vishnu Male Indian
Omeed Hope Male Indian
Omeet My light Male Hebrew
Omeir Long Living Male Indian
Omesa Lord of Om Male Indian
Omesh Lord of the Om Male Indian
Omeshwar Lord of the Om Male Bengali
Omeshwar Lord of the Om Male Indian
Omet My light Male Hebrew
Omganesh Lord Ganapathi Male Indian
Omi Om Sai Male Indian
Omid Hope. Male Afghan
Omid Hope Male Indian
Omja born of cosmic unity Male Assemese
Omja born of cosmic unity Male Bengali
Omja Born of Cosmic Unity Male Indian
Omjaa N/A Male Indian
Omkaar N/A Male Indian
Omkar The Sound of the Sacred Syllable Male Indian
Omkara Om Male Indian
Omkaranatha Lord of Om Male Indian
Omkareswar Shiv Male Assemese
Omkareswar Shiv Male Bengali
Omkareswar Shiv Male Indian
Omkarnath lord of Omkaar, Shiva Male Bengali
Omkarnath Lord of Omkaar; Shiva Male Indian
Omna Pious; Pure Male Indian
Omnada N/A Male Indian
Omolf Son of Armod. Male Norse
Omparkash Brightness Male Indian
Ompati Master of Om Male Indian
Ompatu N/A Male Indian
Ompoly Ampleumian Male Hungarian
Omprakasa Sacred Light Male Indian
Omprakash light of Om Male Assemese
Omprakash Light of God Male Indian
Omran Improvement, Reconstruction Male Afghan
Omran Solid structure Male Arabic
Omran Solid Structure Male Indian
Omrao King Male Indian
Omswaroop Vishnu. Male Bengali
Omswaroop Manifestation of Divinity Male Indian
Omswarup Like Om Male Indian
Omya N/A Male Indian
On peace Male Chinese
On peace Male Filipino
Onain Vision Male Indian
Onan strength, power Male Filipino
Ond tenth child Male Hungarian
Ondrus Manly. Male Czechoslovakian
Ondyaw Legendary son of a French Duke. Male Welsh
Onfroi PeacefuI Hun. Male French
Ongivalarthan Sacred Light Male Indian
Oni Shelter Male Indian
ONille From the gold town. Male French
Onir Shining Male Indian
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