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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ohm Primordial Sound Male Indian
Oidhche Night. Male Scottish
Oighrig Well spoken. Male Greek
Oilibhear Relic. Male Norse
Oisin Little; Freckled Male Indian
Oistin venerable Male Filipino
Oistin Venerable; Revered Male Indian
Oistin Majestic Male Irish
Oja Vitality Male Indian
Ojadh One who Gives Strength Male Indian
Ojal Vision Male Indian
Ojan Wave; Assembles; United Male Indian
Ojapati Master of Power; A Deity of Bodhi Tree Male Indian
Ojas Bright. Might. Power. Male Assemese
Ojas Bright. Might. Power. Male Bengali
Ojas Body Strength; Lustre Male Indian
Ojasin Strong Powerful Male Indian
Ojaspati N/A Male Indian
Ojasvee Brave Male Indian
Ojasvi Brave Male Indian
Ojaswin Powerful; Radiant Male Indian
Ojaswinee N/A Male Indian
Ojaswit Powerful; Radiant Male Indian
Ojasya Strong; Powerful Male Indian
Ojayati N/A Male Indian
Ojayit Courageous Male Bengali
Ojayit Courageous Male Indian
Ojesh Light Male Indian
Ojishth Strongest Male Indian
Ojjaswin Body Strength Male Indian
Ojore A man of war Male African
Okal To Cross Male Indian
Okan Male Turkish
Okas House; Shelter; Adobe Male Indian
Okechuku A gift of God Male African
Okello Born after twins Male African
Okes From the oak. Male English
Okhmhaka Little wolf (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Okoth Born when it was Raining; Born During the Rainy Season; From Luo Male Indian
Okpara Fifth-born son Male African
Okpara First born. Male Egyptian
Okpati N/A Male Indian
Okya N/A Male Indian
Ol Legendary son of Olwydd. Male Welsh
Ola Relic. Male Norse
Oladele We are honored at home Male African
Olaf Family. Male Danish
Olaf Relic; ancestral heritage. St. Olaf is the patron saint of Norway, and there were many kings in Scandinavia named Olaf. Male Norse
Olaf talisman, ancestor Male Old-Norse
Olaf Ancestral heritage. Male Scandinavian
Olaf Andent. Male Swedish
Olaf Relic. Male Teutonic
Olafemi Honor favors me Male African
Olaniyan Surrounded by honor Male African
Olav Variant of Olaf: Relic; ancestral heritage. Male Norse
Olave Variant of Olaf: Relic; ancestral heritage. Male Norse
Oldrich one with riches and power Male Czech
Ole Family. Male Danish
Ole Relic. Male Norse
Ole, Olin ancestor's heir Male Filipino
Oleg holy Male Filipino
Oleg one who is holy Male Nordic
Oleg Holy. Male Russian
Oleif Relic descendant. Male Norse
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