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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ohm Primordial Sound Male Indian -
Oidhche Night. Male Scottish -
Oighrig Well spoken. Male Greek -
Oilibhear Relic. Male Norse -
Oisin Little; Freckled Male Indian -
Oistin venerable Male Filipino -
Oistin Venerable; Revered Male Indian -
Oistin Majestic Male Irish -
Oja Vitality Male Indian -
Ojadh One who Gives Strength Male Indian -
Ojal Vision Male Indian -
Ojan Wave; Assembles; United Male Indian -
Ojapati Master of Power; A Deity of Bodhi Tree Male Indian -
Ojas Bright. Might. Power. Male Assemese -
Ojas Bright. Might. Power. Male Bengali -
Ojas Body Strength; Lustre Male Indian -
Ojasin Strong Powerful Male Indian -
Ojaspati N/A Male Indian -
Ojasvee Brave Male Indian -
Ojasvi Brave Male Indian -
Ojaswin Powerful; Radiant Male Indian -
Ojaswinee N/A Male Indian -
Ojaswit Powerful; Radiant Male Indian -
Ojasya Strong; Powerful Male Indian -
Ojayati N/A Male Indian -
Ojayit Courageous Male Bengali -
Ojayit Courageous Male Indian -
Ojesh Light Male Indian -
Ojishth Strongest Male Indian -
Ojjaswin Body Strength Male Indian -
Ojore A man of war Male African -
Okal To Cross Male Indian -
Okan Male Turkish -
Okas House; Shelter; Adobe Male Indian -
Okechuku A gift of God Male African -
Okello Born after twins Male African -
Okes From the oak. Male English -
Okhmhaka Little wolf (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Okoth Born when it was Raining; Born During the Rainy Season; From Luo Male Indian -
Okpara Fifth-born son Male African -
Okpara First born. Male Egyptian -
Okpati N/A Male Indian -
Okya N/A Male Indian -
Ol Legendary son of Olwydd. Male Welsh -
Ola Relic. Male Norse -
Oladele We are honored at home Male African -
Olaf Family. Male Danish -
Olaf Relic; ancestral heritage. St. Olaf is the patron saint of Norway, and there were many kings in Scandinavia named Olaf. Male Norse -
Olaf talisman, ancestor Male Old-Norse Olav, Olof, Olin, Olen, Olie
Olaf Ancestral heritage. Male Scandinavian -
Olaf Andent. Male Swedish -
Olaf Relic. Male Teutonic -
Olafemi Honor favors me Male African -
Olaniyan Surrounded by honor Male African -
Olav Variant of Olaf: Relic; ancestral heritage. Male Norse -
Olave Variant of Olaf: Relic; ancestral heritage. Male Norse -
Oldrich one with riches and power Male Czech -
Ole Family. Male Danish -
Ole Relic. Male Norse -
Ole, Olin ancestor's heir Male Filipino -
Oleg holy Male Filipino -
Oleg one who is holy Male Nordic -
Oleg Holy. Male Russian -
Oleif Relic descendant. Male Norse -
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