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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Onish Lord Krishna Male Indian
Onkar God Male Indian
Onnan Mariner. Male Teutonic
Onofre peace warrior Male Filipino
Onslow From the zealous one's hill. Male English
Onslowe From the zealous one's hill. Male English
Onund Son of Viking. Male Norse
Onuris Brings back the distant one. Male Egyptian
Ony Eagle. Male Russian
Ony Eagle. Male Slavic
Oogan N/A Male Indian
Oogharath Son of Ooghavand Male Indian
Oogharth Son of Oaghavand Male Indian
Ooghavanth King. Male Assemese
Ooghavanth King. Male Bengali
Oojam Enthusiasm Male Indian
Oomjam N/A Male Indian
Oordhva N/A Male Indian
Oorjit powerful, strong Male Assemese
Oorjit powerful, strong Male Bengali
Oorjit Powerful Male Indian
Opasa N/A Male Indian
Opesh Support; Pillar Male Indian
Ophion A serpent. Male Greek
Ophir faithful. Bible: an Old Testament people.. Male Hebrew
Opilamani N/A Male Indian
Opinder Proximity to God Male Indian
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Assemese
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Bengali
Oppilan Peerless Gem Male Indian
Oppiliappan Enthusiasm Male Indian
Oppilmani Purest of Gems Male Indian
Orahamm From tbe riverbank enclosure. Male English
Oral Eagle Male Indian
Oral Eagle. Male Russian
Oral Eagle. Male Slavic
Oram From tbe riverbank enclosure. Male English
Oran White. Male Celtic
Oran Pale. Male Gaelic
Oran pale one; pine Male Gaelic, Hebrew
Oran Pale green Male Irish
Orang A Throne; Wisdom; Understanding; Beauty Male Indian
Oratun From the shore farm. Male English
Orbán citydweller, educated man Male Hungarian
Orbart Wealthy. Male German
Orbert Wealthy. Male German
Ord Warrior armed with ... Male Anglo
Orde Beginning Male Anglo
Ordland From the pointed hill. Male English
Ordman Spearman. Male English
Ordmund Spear defender. Male English
Ordsone Ormond's son. Male English
Ordwald Spear strength. Male English
Ordway Battle strife. Male Anglo
Ordwin Spear friend. Male English
Ordwine Spear friend. Male English
Oreias From the mountain. Male Greek
Orel Eagle. Male Russian
Orel Eagle. Male Slavic
Orelious Male Unknown
Orell Ore hill. Both a surname and a place name. Male English
Orell Eagle. Male Russian
Orell Eagle. Male Slavic
Oren Pale. Male Gaelic
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