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Popular Baby Names starting with O for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Odell Otter Male Irish
Odell Wealthy. Male Norse
Odell little wealthy one; ode; otter Male Old-German, Greek, Danish
Odgar Legendary son of Aedd. Male Welsh
Odharnait Pale. Male Gaelic
Odhert Wealthy. Male German
Odhran Pale green Male Irish
Odi Wealthy defender. Male Anglo
Odika N/A Male Indian
Odil rich Male French
Odilo Rich. Male Teutonic
Odin Wealthy defender. Male Anglo
Odin head God in Norse mythology Male Norse
Odion First born of twins Male African
Odion Born of twins. Male Egyptian
Odion first of twins Male Nigerian
Odo Name of a bishop. Male French
Odo Wealth. Male German
Odo Rich. Male Teutonic
Odom Son in law. Male English
Odon Wealthy defender. Male Anglo
Odon wealthy protector Male Hungarian
Odran Pale. Male Gaelic
Odran Pale green Male Irish
Odwolf Wealthy wolf. Male English
Odwolfe Wealthy wolf. Male English
Odwulf Wealthy wolf. Male English
Ody Name of a king. Male Anglo
Odysseus angry Male Filipino
Odysseus full of wrath Male Greek
Oedipus Swollen foot. Male Greek
Oegelsby Fearsome. Male English
Oeneus King of Calydon. Male Greek
Oengus One vigor Male Irish
Oenomaus Son of Ares. Male Greek
Ofer young deer Male Hebrew
Offa Spear. Male Anglo
Ofir ferocious Male Hebrew
Ofydd Welsh form of Ovid 'a Roman poet'. Male Welsh
Ogaan United Male Indian
Ogaleesha Wears a red shirt (Sioux). Male Native-American
Ogan Wave Male Indian
Ogana United Male Indian
Ogbonna The image of his father Male African
Ogden From the oak tree valley. Male English
Ogden from the oak valley Male Old-English
Ogdon From the oak tree valley. Male English
Ogelsby Fearsome. Male English
Ogelsvie Fearsome. Male English
Ogelsvy Fearsome. Male English
Ogha See Male Indian
Ogilhinn From the high peak. Male Scottish
Ogilvie From the high peak. Male Scottish
Ogilvy from the high peak Male Old Scottish
Oguz arrow Male Hungarian
Oha Meditation, True Knowledge Male Assemese
Oha Meditation, True Knowledge Male Bengali
Oha Meditation; True Knowledge Male Indian
Ohanko Reckless. Male Native-American
Ohanzee Shadow (Sioux). Male Native-American
Ohas Praise Male Indian
Ohcumgache Little wolf (Cheyenne). Male Native-American
Ohileshwar Shiva Male Indian
Ohitekah Brave (Sioux). Male Native-American
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