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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Marwa / Marva Al-Marwa is one of the name of a sacred hill near Mecca. Female Afghan -
Mary / Mari Mary is the English version of the Latin name Maria. Female Afghan -
Marzia Agreeable, laudable. Female Afghan -
Maseeh / Maseh Jesus a prophet, Christ. Male Afghan -
Mashaal Torch, Light. Male Afghan -
Mashal Torch, light, bright fire. Female Afghan -
Mashooq / Mashuq Man who is loved by a woman. Male Afghan -
Masooma Innocent, immaculate, chaste, impeccable. Female of Masoom. Female Afghan -
Masror Glad, Happy, Pleased. Male Afghan -
Massom Innocent, immaculate, chaste, impeccable. Male Afghan -
Massood / Massoud Happy, Prosperous. Male Afghan -
Massouda / Masooda Happy, prosperous. Female of Massoud. Female Afghan -
Mastoora / Mastura Chaste woman. Female Afghan -
Mati Obedient. Male Afghan -
Matin / Mateen Strong, Powerful, Solid, Durable. Male Afghan -
MatiUllah Obedient to God. Male Afghan -
Mazdak Zoroastrian Prophet. Male Afghan -
Maziar Maziar, a devout Zoroastrian, revolted against the Arab Muslim occupation of Iranian lands. Male Afghan -
Mehrab A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan -
Mehran A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan -
Meraj Ascension (to heaven). Male Afghan -
Merza / Mirza Son of a prince. Male Afghan -
Meskin /Meskeen Poor, beggar. Male Afghan -
Milad / Meelad Birth. Male Afghan -
Mina / Meena Enamel, blue glass, blue decanter, azure. Female Afghan -
Minoo Paradise. Female Afghan -
Mir / Meer King, Governor, Leader, extenuating of Amir. Male Afghan -
MirBacha An Afghan hero of second afghan-anglo war. Male Afghan -
MirJahan King of world. Male Afghan -
Mirwais Noble Ruler. Male Afghan -
Misaq Pact, covenant. Male Afghan -
Mitra / Meetra The name of one of Zoroastrianism angel, angel of light and affection. Female Afghan -
Moawen / Maawen Assistant, assistant director.(or chief) Male Afghan -
Mohammad/Muhahmmad Praised, Lauded, Commended, Praiseworthy. Male Afghan -
Moheb / Muheb Loving, Affectionate, Friend. Male Afghan -
Mohebullah Loving of God. Male Afghan -
Mohsen / Muhsen Benefactor, Beneficent. Male Afghan -
Mohsena / Muhsena Benevolent, beneficent. Female of Mohsen. Female Afghan -
Moin / Moein Assistant, adjutant. Male Afghan -
Mojib / Mojeeb Replier, Answerer, one who grant's. Male Afghan -
Mojtaba / Mujaba Chosen, Selected, Elected. Male Afghan -
Momen Believer, Pious man. Male Afghan -
Momena Believer. Female Afghan -
Mones Companion, friend. Male Afghan -
Monesa Companion, friend. Female of Mones. Female Afghan -
Monir / Munir / Moneer Splendid, Shining, Something that reflects light. Male Afghan -
Monira / Muneera Shining, bright, brilliant. Female of Monir. Female Afghan -
Moosa / Musa A Prophet, The biblical Moses. Male Afghan -
Morad / Murad Will, Intention, Desire, Intended. Male Afghan -
Mortaza / Murtaza Chosen, Approved, Agreeable, Acceptable. Male Afghan -
Morwarid / Morvarid Pearl. Female Afghan -
Moska / Muska Smile. Female Afghan -
Mubarak / Mobarak Blessed, Auspicious. Male Afghan -
Mubasher Harbinger of good news, foreunner. Male Afghan -
MuhaiUdin Reviver of the religion. Male Afghan -
Mukhtar / Mokhtar Free in one's action, empowered Male Afghan -
Mullah A person versed in theoiogy and sacred law. Male Afghan -
Mumtaz Distinguished, excellent. Male Afghan -
Munawar /Monawar Illuminated, bright. Male Afghan -
Muqim / Moqim Resident, residing. Male Afghan -
Mursal / Morsal Sent on a mission. Female Afghan -
Murshed / Murshid Spiritual guide or preceptor, sheikh. Male Afghan -
Musadeq One who confirms or certifies. Male Afghan -
Musawer Portraitist, painter. Male Afghan -
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