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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Tawab Merciful,Forgiving. Male Afghan
Tawfiq Success, grace. Male Afghan
Tayeba / Tayebah Good deed. Female Afghan
Tela Gold. Female Afghan
Telaya / Telaayah Vanguard, advance-guard; Golden ray of sun. Female Afghan
Timur / Timor Slender, secret Male Afghan
Tina / Teena River. Female Afghan
Tooba Name of a tree in paradise; blessedness. Female Afghan
Toorialay ??? Male Afghan
Torpekay / Torpikai Black hair. Female Afghan
Ubaid Little servant. Male Afghan
Ubaidah / Obaid. Female servant. Female of Ubaid Female Afghan
UbaidUallah Little servant of God. Male Afghan
Ulfat Familiarity, friendship. Male Afghan
Umar The second successor of the Propbet Muhammad. Male Afghan
Uqaab Eagle. Male Afghan
Urooj Ascension. Male Afghan
Usman / Uthman Honest, caring and sincere. Male Afghan
Uzma Greatest, magnificent. Female of Azam. Female Afghan
Uzra A harder form of the name of Ursa, king of Ararat, or Armenia Female Afghan
Vafa Fidelity. Male Afghan
Vahid Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan
Vahida Unique, Matchless. Female of Vahid. Female Afghan
Vakil Counsel, lawyer, attorney, proxy, agent. Male Afghan
Valid Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan
Valy Guardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint. Male Afghan
Vares Heir. Male Afghan
Venus Venus, The second-closest planet to the Sun. Female Afghan
Vida Life. Female Afghan
Wadood Very affectionate. Male Afghan
Waez / Waiz Preacher. Male Afghan
Wafa / Vafa Fidelity. Male Afghan
Wahab / Wahaab Bestower, giver, epithet of God. Male Afghan
Wahed Single, unique, unit. Male Afghan
Wahid / Vahid / Waheed Unique, Matchless, Singular, Unparalleled. Male Afghan
Wahida / Waheedah Unique, Matchless, Singular. Female of Wahid. Female Afghan
Wais Night Wanderer Male Afghan
Wajiha / Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished, honoured, illustrious. Female Afghan
Wakil Advocate, Representative, Counselor, Attorney, Agent. Male Afghan
Wali / Valy / Waly / Vali Guardian, Warden, Tutor, Saint. Male Afghan
Walid / Valid / Waleed Newborn, Newborn child, Nascent, new. Male Afghan
Wares Heir. Male Afghan
Wase Liberal. Male Afghan
Wasef Describer, praiser. Male Afghan
Wasim / Waseem Handsome, beautiful, graceful. Male Afghan
Wasima / Waseema Handsome, beautiful, graceful. Female of Wasim. Female Afghan
WasimUllah Handsom of the religion Male Afghan
Wasiq Firm, sure. Male Afghan
Wazhma / Wajmah Morning Breeze Female Afghan
Wazir Minister. Male Afghan
Yagana Unique, single, one, only. Female Afghan
Yahia To love, Will live. A Prophet, the biblical John, son of Prophet Zakaria. Male Afghan
Yalda Name of the longest night of the year. Female Afghan
Yama The lord of death in Hinduism - first recorded in the Vedas. Yama belongs to an early stratum of Indo-Iranian theology. Male Afghan
Yaqoob / Yaqoub A Prophet, the biblical Jacob. Son of Isac Male Afghan
Yaqoot / Yaqut Ruby. Female Afghan
Yar Friend, companion, partner, aid, mate. Male Afghan
Yar Mohammad Friend of prophet Muhammad. Male Afghan
Yasaman Jasmine. Female Afghan
Yasamin / Yasameen Jasmine. Female Afghan
Yasar / Yassar Wealth, affluence, ease. Male Afghan
Yaser / Yasir Easy, wealthy, affluent. Male Afghan
Yasin / Yaseen The opening letters of the first verse of surat Ya Sin (36:1). Male Afghan
Yass. A flower, Jasmine. Female Afghan
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