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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yawar Assistant or supporter. Male Afghan -
Yonos / Yones / Younos Jonah, A prophet. Male Afghan -
Yousuf / Yousef A Prophet, the biblical Joseph, son of Prophet Yaqub. Son of Jacob. Male Afghan -
Zabi Sacrificed or slaughtered(animal or person). Male Afghan -
Zabiullah Sacrificed for God. Male Afghan -
Zafar Victory, triumph. Male Afghan -
Zahed / Zahid Devout or ascetic(person). Male Afghan -
Zaher / Zahir Apparentl, outward, external. Male Afghan -
Zahoor Appearance, advent, outburst, presentation. Male Afghan -
Zahra White. Female Afghan -
Zaid Increase, increment, addition, excess, surplus. Male Afghan -
Zain Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace. Male Afghan -
Zainab A fragrant flowering plant. Female Afghan -
ZainUdin Grace of the religion. Male Afghan -
ZainulAbudin Ornament of the worshippers. Male Afghan -
Zaitoon Olive. Female Afghan -
Zakaria Prophet Zacharia. Male Afghan -
Zaker Remember of God. Male Afghan -
Zakera / Zakira Remember of God. Female of Zaker. Female Afghan -
Zaki keen, intelligent, sagacious. Male Afghan -
Zakia keen, intelligent, sagacious. Female of Zaki. Female Afghan -
Zalmay / Zulmay Young Male Afghan -
Zaman Epoch, age, tense, time. Male Afghan -
Zameer Heart, mind, conscience, pronoun. Male Afghan -
Zari Brocaded Silk. Female Afghan -
Zarif / Zareef elegant, nice, delicate, miniature, subtle, witty, clever, victory. Male Afghan -
Zarifa / Zareefa Elegant, nice, delicate, miniature, subtle, witty, clever victory. Female of Zarif. Female Afghan -
Zarin / Zarrin Golden. Female Afghan -
Zaryab Rich, wealthy. Male Afghan -
Zelgay ??? Male Afghan -
Zhala / Zhalah Dew. Female Afghan -
Zhila / Zheela N/A Female Afghan -
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour. Male Afghan -
ZiaUdin Light of the religion. Male Afghan -
ZiaUlhaq Light of the Truth. Male Afghan -
Ziba / Zeba Beautiful. Female Afghan -
Zinat / Zeenat Ornament, decoration. Female Afghan -
Zohra / Zuhrah The Venus planet. Female Afghan -
Zubaid Cream, butter. (Zubd) Male Afghan -
Zubaida Marigold, prime. Female Afghan -
Zubair Small piece of iron, a brave and wise person. Male Afghan -
Zulaikha / Zuleikha The name of the ancient Egyptian prime minister (Potiphar) in ancient times who afterwards fell in love with Josef prophet. Female Afghan -
Zulfaqar Name of a sword presented to Ali. Male Afghan -
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