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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yawar Assistant or supporter. Male Afghan
Yonos / Yones / Younos Jonah, A prophet. Male Afghan
Yousuf / Yousef A Prophet, the biblical Joseph, son of Prophet Yaqub. Son of Jacob. Male Afghan
Zabi Sacrificed or slaughtered(animal or person). Male Afghan
Zabiullah Sacrificed for God. Male Afghan
Zafar Victory, triumph. Male Afghan
Zahed / Zahid Devout or ascetic(person). Male Afghan
Zaher / Zahir Apparentl, outward, external. Male Afghan
Zahoor Appearance, advent, outburst, presentation. Male Afghan
Zahra White. Female Afghan
Zaid Increase, increment, addition, excess, surplus. Male Afghan
Zain Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace. Male Afghan
Zainab A fragrant flowering plant. Female Afghan
ZainUdin Grace of the religion. Male Afghan
ZainulAbudin Ornament of the worshippers. Male Afghan
Zaitoon Olive. Female Afghan
Zakaria Prophet Zacharia. Male Afghan
Zaker Remember of God. Male Afghan
Zakera / Zakira Remember of God. Female of Zaker. Female Afghan
Zaki keen, intelligent, sagacious. Male Afghan
Zakia keen, intelligent, sagacious. Female of Zaki. Female Afghan
Zalmay / Zulmay Young Male Afghan
Zaman Epoch, age, tense, time. Male Afghan
Zameer Heart, mind, conscience, pronoun. Male Afghan
Zari Brocaded Silk. Female Afghan
Zarif / Zareef elegant, nice, delicate, miniature, subtle, witty, clever, victory. Male Afghan
Zarifa / Zareefa Elegant, nice, delicate, miniature, subtle, witty, clever victory. Female of Zarif. Female Afghan
Zarin / Zarrin Golden. Female Afghan
Zaryab Rich, wealthy. Male Afghan
Zelgay ??? Male Afghan
Zhala / Zhalah Dew. Female Afghan
Zhila / Zheela N/A Female Afghan
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour. Male Afghan
ZiaUdin Light of the religion. Male Afghan
ZiaUlhaq Light of the Truth. Male Afghan
Ziba / Zeba Beautiful. Female Afghan
Zinat / Zeenat Ornament, decoration. Female Afghan
Zohra / Zuhrah The Venus planet. Female Afghan
Zubaid Cream, butter. (Zubd) Male Afghan
Zubaida Marigold, prime. Female Afghan
Zubair Small piece of iron, a brave and wise person. Male Afghan
Zulaikha / Zuleikha The name of the ancient Egyptian prime minister (Potiphar) in ancient times who afterwards fell in love with Josef prophet. Female Afghan
Zulfaqar Name of a sword presented to Ali. Male Afghan
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