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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Abdul-Raqib / Raqeeb Servant of Observer (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Rashid / Rasheed Servant of Right-minded (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Razaq Servant of all provider (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Saboor Servant of the Patient (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Salam Servant of all peaceable (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Samad Servant of the Eternal (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Sami Servant of all hearing. (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Satar Servant of the Veiler of sin (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Shahed Servant of the Witness. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Shahid / Shaheed Servant of the Witness. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Tawab Servant of the most forgiving. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the Vast. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wahab Servant of all give. (God) . Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wahed Servant of the One (God). Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wakil /Wakeel Servant of Implementor. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wali Servant of the Comrade. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Wares Servant of the Survivor. Male Afghan -
Abdul-Zaher / Zahir Servant of the overt, manifest. Male Afghan -
Abdullah Servant of God. Male Afghan -
Abed / Abid Worshipper, adorer, devout. Male Afghan -
Abeda / Abida Worshipper, pious, devout. Female of Abed. Female Afghan -
Abtin / Abteen A character in Shahnamah, Feraidon's father. Male Afghan -
Adam Name of first man / first mankind. Male Afghan -
Adel Righteous, Just, Equitable. Male Afghan -
Adiba / Adeeba Man of letters, literary man. Female of Adib Female Afghan -
Afarin Praise, applause, well done!. Female Afghan -
Afia Good health, welfare. Female Afghan -
Afifa Chaste. Female Afghan -
Afrooz Illuminate. Female Afghan -
Afrooz Lighting, Enlightening. Male Afghan -
Afsana Fable, myth, by - word. Female Afghan -
Afsar Lightening. Male Afghan -
Afshan Scatter, sprinkle, shake off, brandish. Female Afghan -
Afshar Companion, friend, Partner. Male Afghan -
Afshin A persian army commander in old times. Male Afghan -
Afsoon Incantation, charm. Female Afghan -
Afzal Better, Superior, Prominent. Male Afghan -
Ahmad / Ahmed Commendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised. Male Afghan -
Ahmad-Ullah Praise God. Male Afghan -
Ahoo / Ahu Deer, gazelle. Female Afghan -
Ajmal More beautiful, extremely beautiful. Male Afghan -
Akbar Greater, Bigger. Male Afghan -
Akhtar Star, good luck, Eid. Male Afghan -
Akram More generous, nobler, bountiful. Male Afghan -
Alaudin Glory of religion, excellence of religion. Male Afghan -
Ali Elevated, High Status. Male Afghan -
Aliah High, excellent. Female of Ali. Female Afghan -
Alima / Aleema Exalted, omniscient. Female of Alim. Female Afghan -
Allah-Bakhsh Gift of God. Male Afghan -
Almas Diamond. Male Afghan -
Aman / Amman Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility. Male Afghan -
Amanudin Trust of religion. Male Afghan -
Amanullah Trust, care of God, protection of God. Male Afghan -
Amena Safe. Female Afghan -
Amin Honest. Male Afghan -
Amina / Ameena Trustee, honest. Female of Amin. Female Afghan -
Amir King. Male Afghan -
Anahita Goddess of rivers and water. Female Afghan -
Anar / Anaar Pomegranate, used as female name. Female Afghan -
Andisha Thought, reflection, fear, apprehensiveness. Female Afghan -
Anis / Anees Friend, close companion, companion. Male Afghan -
Anisa / Aneesa Companion, assoclate, comrade, famillar, friendly. Female of Anis. Female Afghan -
Anosha / Anoosha Delighted. Female Afghan -
Ansar Helpe, friend, patron, supporter. Male Afghan -
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