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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abdul-Raqib / Raqeeb Servant of Observer (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Rashid / Rasheed Servant of Right-minded (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Razaq Servant of all provider (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Saboor Servant of the Patient (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Salam Servant of all peaceable (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Samad Servant of the Eternal (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Sami Servant of all hearing. (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Satar Servant of the Veiler of sin (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Shahed Servant of the Witness. Male Afghan
Abdul-Shahid / Shaheed Servant of the Witness. Male Afghan
Abdul-Tawab Servant of the most forgiving. Male Afghan
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the Vast. Male Afghan
Abdul-Wahab Servant of all give. (God) . Male Afghan
Abdul-Wahed Servant of the One (God). Male Afghan
Abdul-Wakil /Wakeel Servant of Implementor. Male Afghan
Abdul-Wali Servant of the Comrade. Male Afghan
Abdul-Wares Servant of the Survivor. Male Afghan
Abdul-Zaher / Zahir Servant of the overt, manifest. Male Afghan
Abdullah Servant of God. Male Afghan
Abed / Abid Worshipper, adorer, devout. Male Afghan
Abeda / Abida Worshipper, pious, devout. Female of Abed. Female Afghan
Abtin / Abteen A character in Shahnamah, Feraidon's father. Male Afghan
Adam Name of first man / first mankind. Male Afghan
Adel Righteous, Just, Equitable. Male Afghan
Adiba / Adeeba Man of letters, literary man. Female of Adib Female Afghan
Afarin Praise, applause, well done!. Female Afghan
Afia Good health, welfare. Female Afghan
Afifa Chaste. Female Afghan
Afrooz Illuminate. Female Afghan
Afrooz Lighting, Enlightening. Male Afghan
Afsana Fable, myth, by - word. Female Afghan
Afsar Lightening. Male Afghan
Afshan Scatter, sprinkle, shake off, brandish. Female Afghan
Afshar Companion, friend, Partner. Male Afghan
Afshin A persian army commander in old times. Male Afghan
Afsoon Incantation, charm. Female Afghan
Afzal Better, Superior, Prominent. Male Afghan
Ahmad / Ahmed Commendable, Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised. Male Afghan
Ahmad-Ullah Praise God. Male Afghan
Ahoo / Ahu Deer, gazelle. Female Afghan
Ajmal More beautiful, extremely beautiful. Male Afghan
Akbar Greater, Bigger. Male Afghan
Akhtar Star, good luck, Eid. Male Afghan
Akram More generous, nobler, bountiful. Male Afghan
Alaudin Glory of religion, excellence of religion. Male Afghan
Ali Elevated, High Status. Male Afghan
Aliah High, excellent. Female of Ali. Female Afghan
Alima / Aleema Exalted, omniscient. Female of Alim. Female Afghan
Allah-Bakhsh Gift of God. Male Afghan
Almas Diamond. Male Afghan
Aman / Amman Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility. Male Afghan
Amanudin Trust of religion. Male Afghan
Amanullah Trust, care of God, protection of God. Male Afghan
Amena Safe. Female Afghan
Amin Honest. Male Afghan
Amina / Ameena Trustee, honest. Female of Amin. Female Afghan
Amir King. Male Afghan
Anahita Goddess of rivers and water. Female Afghan
Anar / Anaar Pomegranate, used as female name. Female Afghan
Andisha Thought, reflection, fear, apprehensiveness. Female Afghan
Anis / Anees Friend, close companion, companion. Male Afghan
Anisa / Aneesa Companion, assoclate, comrade, famillar, friendly. Female of Anis. Female Afghan
Anosha / Anoosha Delighted. Female Afghan
Ansar Helpe, friend, patron, supporter. Male Afghan
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