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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Lalah / Laalah Tulip. Female Afghan -
Lashkar Army. Male Afghan -
Latif Fine, Pure, Delicate, Tender, Thin, Elegant, Gentle. Male Afghan -
Latifa / Lateefa Pretty, gentle, sweet, pleasantry, Female of Latif. Female Afghan -
Layeq Worthy, Fit, Meritorious. Male Afghan -
Lemar Sun, sunrise. Female Afghan -
Lida / Leeda Beloved by all. Female Afghan -
Lila Lilac, The lilac tree Female Afghan -
Lily / lili A flower Female Afghan -
Limah / Lima Mythical goddess of the Threshold. Female Afghan -
Lina / Leena Tenderness, light, free man, palm tree. Female Afghan -
Luqman Eastern fabulist often identified with Aesop. Male Afghan -
Lutf Kindness, grace, amenity, elegance. Male Afghan -
Lutullah / Lotfollah Kindness of God, favour of God. Male Afghan -
Maalek / Maalik Owner, Landlord, Proprietor. Male Afghan -
Madina / Madeena The holy city of islam. Female Afghan -
Mahboob Belived, Loved, Favourite, Popular, Darling. Male Afghan -
Mahbooba Dear, sweetheart. Female of Mahboob. Female Afghan -
Mahdi / Mehdi Rightly guided. Male Afghan -
Mahdia Rightly guided. Female of Mahdi. Female Afghan -
Mahdokht Daughter of the moon. Female Afghan -
Maher Affection, Sun. Male Afghan -
Mahfooz / Mahfuz Protected, Secure, Reserved. Male Afghan -
Mahfooza Safeguarded, protected. Female of Mahfooz. Female Afghan -
Mahin / Maheen Greatest. Female Afghan -
MahJabin / Mahjabeen One who has a forehead like a moon. Female Afghan -
Mahmood / Mahmoud Praised, Commendable, Praiseworthy, Laudable. Male Afghan -
Mahnaz The moon's glory. Female Afghan -
Mahnoosh Drink of the moon. Female Afghan -
Mahparah Piece of moon. Female Afghan -
Mahrooz Who has face like moon. Female Afghan -
Mahrukh / Mahrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful. Female Afghan -
Mahsa Like the moon. Female Afghan -
Mahshid / Mahsheed Moonlight. Female Afghan -
Mahta Like moon. Female Afghan -
Mahtab Moon. Female Afghan -
Mahwash / Mahvash As a beautiful, as the moon. Female Afghan -
Mahyar A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan -
Maimana Right side, right wing. Female Afghan -
Maimoona Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate. Female Afghan -
Maiwand Battle of Maiwand, The principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Male Afghan -
Majid / Majeed Glorious, Noble, Exalted, Honourable. Male Afghan -
Majida / Majeeda Greal, honourable, exalted. Female of Majid. Female Afghan -
Makay N/A Female Afghan -
Makhdom Served, waited on. Male Afghan -
Malalay Friendly. Female Afghan -
Malek Reigning, Ruling. Male Afghan -
Malekah Queen. Female Afghan -
Malem Teacher. Male Afghan -
Maliha Beautiful. Female Afghan -
Mamnon / Mamnoon Obliged, Grateful Male Afghan -
Manan Munificent or beneficent, epithet of God. Male Afghan -
Manija / Manizha A female character of Shahnamah. Daughter of Afrasiab. Female Afghan -
Manoochehr A character in Shahnamah. Male Afghan -
Manshoor Charter, firman, patent, prism. Male Afghan -
Mansoor / Mansour Assisted, Aided by God, Victorious, Triumphant. Male Afghan -
Manzoor Intention, expectation, provided for, considered. Male Afghan -
Maqbool / Maqbul Accepted, Granted, Pretty. Male Afghan -
Marghalay N/A Female Afghan -
Maria Bitter. Female Afghan -
Mariam / Maryam Mother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus) Biblical Mary. Female Afghan -
Marjan / Marjaan Smal pearls, coral. Female Afghan -
Maroof / Maruf Favour, Kindness, Famous, Noted. Male Afghan -
Maroofa / Marufa Famous, known. Female of Maroof. Female Afghan -
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