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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Palamedes Son of Nauplius. Male Greek -
Palang Bed Male Indian -
Palani Abode of Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palaniamma N/A Female Indian -
Palaniappan Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palanikumar Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palanimurugan Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palanimuthu Another Name for God Murugan Male Indian -
Palanisami Another Name For Lord Murugan Male Bengali -
Palanisami Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palanivel Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Palasan balsam Female Armenian -
Palash N/A Female Indian -
Palash A Flowering Male Bengali -
Palash A Flowering Male Indian -
Palashkusum Bird Female Indian -
Palashranjan Beautiful Like a Palash Male Indian -
Palban Blond. Male Spanish -
Palben Blond. Male Basque -
Palben Blond. Male Spanish -
Palcheen Past Happy Moments Female Indian -
Pales Goddess of shepherds and flocks. Female Latin -
Palestina Which is covered, watered, or brings and causes ruin. Female Biblical -
Palin Protecting Female Indian -
Palin Protecting Male Indian -
Palita Guarded; Protected Female Indian -
Palita Guarded; Protected Male Indian -
Palka A Remote Place Female Indian -
Palkesh Joyous Male Indian -
Palkin N/A Female Indian -
Palla N/A Male Indian -
Pallab A Leaf Female Indian -
Pallab New Leaves Male Bengali -
Pallab New Leaves Male Indian -
Pallabha N/A Male Indian -
Pallabi Leaf Female Indian -
Pallantia Daughter of Hercules. Female Latin -
Pallas Daughter of Triton. Female Latin -
Pallas Understanding Male Indian -
Pallaton Warrior. Male Native-American -
Pallav Male Hindu -
Pallav Young Shoots and Leaves Male Indian -
Pallavan Protecting Male Indian -
Pallavee Bird Female Indian -
Pallavi Female Hindu -
Pallavi New Leaves Female Indian -
Pallavi Bud Male Indian -
Pallavini With New Leaves Female Indian -
Pallavit To Sprout; To Grow Male Indian -
Pallavita Eye Lid Female Indian -
Pallu Marvelous, hidden. Female Biblical -
Pallvi New Leaves Female Indian -
Palma palm Female Filipino -
Palma Palm tree. Female Latin -
Palma palm bearing pilgrim Female Old-English Palmyra, Palmira, Palmiera
Palmer Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch. Male English -
Palmer holy land pilgrim Male Filipino -
Palmer palm bearing pilgrim Male Old-English -
Palmere Pilgrim. Male English -
Palmira Palm tree. Female Latin -
Palmyra Palm tree. Female Latin -
Paloma White dove Female Bengali -
Paloma a dove Female Filipino -
Paloma White Dove Female Indian -
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