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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Palamedes Son of Nauplius. Male Greek
Palang Bed Male Indian
Palani Abode of Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palaniamma N/A Female Indian
Palaniappan Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palanikumar Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palanimurugan Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palanimuthu Another Name for God Murugan Male Indian
Palanisami Another Name For Lord Murugan Male Bengali
Palanisami Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palanivel Another Name for Lord Murugan Male Indian
Palasan balsam Female Armenian
Palash N/A Female Indian
Palash A Flowering Male Bengali
Palash A Flowering Male Indian
Palashkusum Bird Female Indian
Palashranjan Beautiful Like a Palash Male Indian
Palban Blond. Male Spanish
Palben Blond. Male Basque
Palben Blond. Male Spanish
Palcheen Past Happy Moments Female Indian
Pales Goddess of shepherds and flocks. Female Latin
Palestina Which is covered, watered, or brings and causes ruin. Female Biblical
Palin Protecting Female Indian
Palin Protecting Male Indian
Palita Guarded; Protected Female Indian
Palita Guarded; Protected Male Indian
Palka A Remote Place Female Indian
Palkesh Joyous Male Indian
Palkin N/A Female Indian
Palla N/A Male Indian
Pallab A Leaf Female Indian
Pallab New Leaves Male Bengali
Pallab New Leaves Male Indian
Pallabha N/A Male Indian
Pallabi Leaf Female Indian
Pallantia Daughter of Hercules. Female Latin
Pallas Daughter of Triton. Female Latin
Pallas Understanding Male Indian
Pallaton Warrior. Male Native-American
Pallav Male Hindu
Pallav Young Shoots and Leaves Male Indian
Pallavan Protecting Male Indian
Pallavee Bird Female Indian
Pallavi Female Hindu
Pallavi New Leaves Female Indian
Pallavi Bud Male Indian
Pallavini With New Leaves Female Indian
Pallavit To Sprout; To Grow Male Indian
Pallavita Eye Lid Female Indian
Pallu Marvelous, hidden. Female Biblical
Pallvi New Leaves Female Indian
Palma palm Female Filipino
Palma Palm tree. Female Latin
Palma palm bearing pilgrim Female Old-English
Palmer Pilgrim; bearing a palm branch. Male English
Palmer holy land pilgrim Male Filipino
Palmer palm bearing pilgrim Male Old-English
Palmere Pilgrim. Male English
Palmira Palm tree. Female Latin
Palmyra Palm tree. Female Latin
Paloma White dove Female Bengali
Paloma a dove Female Filipino
Paloma White Dove Female Indian
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