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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Udail, Udayl Old Arabic name Male Muslim -
Udakanjali Lustrous Female Indian -
Udale From the yew tree valley. Male English -
Udall From the yew tree valley. Male English -
Udanda Nemesis of Evils and Vices Male Indian -
Udank A sage. Male Assemese -
Udank N/A Male Indian -
Udant Correct Message Male Indian -
Udantika Satisfaction Female Bengali -
Udantika Satisfaction Female Indian -
Udanvat The Ocean; Rishi Male Indian -
Udanya Growth Female Indian -
Udanya N/A Male Indian -
Udapi One who Attains Success Male Indian -
Udar Generous Male Bengali -
Udar Generous Male Indian -
Udara Bellies Female Indian -
Udara Great Male Indian -
Udaradhi Wise; Intellectual Male Indian -
Udaraja King of Waters Male Indian -
Udarak Excellent Person Male Indian -
Udaramati Noble Minded; Highly Intelligent Female Indian -
Udarata Greatness Female Indian -
Udarathi Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Udarchis Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Udari Generous person. Male Assemese -
Udari Kindhearted Person Male Indian -
Udarsh Brimming Male Indian -
Udasutanayaka The Lord of the Ocean's Daughter Male Indian -
Udath Kingly; Gentle Male Indian -
Udatta N/A Male Indian -
Udavasu Treasure of Nobility Male Indian -
Uday One who runs fast Male Arabic -
Uday one who runs fast Male Filipino -
Uday To Rise; Appearance Male Indian -
Uday One who runs fast Male Muslim -
Udaya Female Hindu -
Udaya Dawn Female Indian -
Udaya Birth.Upcoming. Male Bengali -
Udaya Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayachal Eastern Horizon Male Indian -
Udayaditya Sunrise Male Indian -
Udayagiri A Mountain Female Indian -
Udayagiri Hill. Male Bengali -
Udayagiri Mountain of Sunrise Male Indian -
Udayalaxmi Groth of Lakshmi; Surya Female Indian -
Udayan Rising; Name of King of Avanti Male Indian -
Udayana Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayanan N/A Male Indian -
Udayanati Risen; Virtuous; Excellent Female Indian -
Udayanjali Virtuous Female Indian -
Udayant Risen; Virtuous Male Indian -
Udayarani N/A Female Indian -
Udayaravi Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayashva Fast; Progressing; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Udayasooriyan Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayati Daughter of the Mountain Female Indian -
Udayavani N/A Female Indian -
Udaybhan The Rising Sun Male Bengali -
Udaybhan The Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayin Rising; Prosperous; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Udayjit Conqueror of the Rising Sun Male Indian -
Udayl Old Arabic name Male Arabic -
Udayle From the yew tree valley. Male English -
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