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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ujjwala Female Hindu
Ujjwala Bright; Lustrous Female Indian
Ujjwala Lighting Male Indian
Ujjwalkeerti Bright Female Indian
Ujval Splendorous Male Indian
Ujvala Bright; Lighted Female Hindi
Ujvala Bright; Lighted Female Indian
Ujvalas Inflamed; Love Male Indian
Ujvalata Splendour; Radiant; Beauty; Clarity Female Indian
Ujvalita Lighted; Shining Female Indian
Ujwal Bright Male Indian
Ujwala Bright; Lustrous Female Assemese
Ujwala Bright; Lustrous Female Bengali
Ujwala Bright Female Indian
Ujwani He who Wins the Struggle; Victorious Female Indian
Ukkuwa N/A Male Indian
Ukshana N/A Female Indian
Ukshana N/A Male Indian
Uksit Strong; Of Full Growth Male Indian
Ukta Addressed; Said Female Indian
Ukta Addressed; Said Male Indian
Ukti Part of Speech Female Indian
Ukti Voice; Use Male Indian
Ukulaa Skiing; Femiane of Ukulee Female Indian
Ula Uppermost, highest Female Arabic
Ula Sea jewel. Female Celtic
Ula sea jewel, inherited estate Female Celtic, Old-German
Ula jewel of the sea Female Filipino
Ula Uppermost, highest Female Muslim
Ulagammal Mother of the World Female Indian
Ulagan Wordly Male Bengali
Ulagan Wordly Male Indian
Ulaganathan Master of the World Male Assemese
Ulagappan Creator of the World Male Indian
Ulagarasan King of the World Male Bengali
Ulagarasan King of the World Male Indian
Ulagu N/A Male Indian
Ulai Strength, fool, senseless. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Ulan first born of twins Female Filipino
Uland noble country Male Teutonic
Ulani cheerful Female Filipino
Ulani cheerful Male Polynesian
Ulapa Lustre; Brightness Female Indian
Ulapa N/A Male Indian
Ulasa N/A Female Indian
Ulasa N/A Male Indian
Ulban Strong; Powerful Male Indian
Uldwyna Special friend. Female English
Ulf Wolf. Male Swedish
Ulf wolf Male Teutonic
Ulfah Affection, intimacy Female Arabic
Ulfah Harmony, intimacy Female Muslim
Ulfat Familiarity, friendship. Male Afghan
Ulfat Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy Male Arabic
Ulfat Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy Male Muslim
Ulffr Male Scandinavian
Ulfhildr Female Scandinavian
Ulfmaerr Famous wolf. Male Norse
Ulfred Wolf of peace. Male English
Ulger Wolf spear. Male English
Ulhas Joy, Delight Male Assemese
Ulhas Joy, Delight Male Bengali
Ulhas Joy; Delight; Happiness Male Indian
Ulhasa Joy Male Indian
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