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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Uisdean Male Scottish -
Uisdean Intelligent. Male Teutonic -
Uistean Intelligent Male Irish -
Uistean Intelligent. Male Teutonic -
Uja Increase; Grow Male Indian -
Ujaagar Famous; Renowned Male Indian -
Ujaala One who Radiates the Light Female Indian -
Ujaala One who Radiates Light Male Indian -
Ujaas N/A Male Indian -
Ujagar Bright Male Indian -
Ujal Shine; Brightness Male Indian -
Ujala Light of the universe. Female Arabic -
Ujala Lighting Female Indian -
Ujala Light of the universe Female Muslim -
Ujala Bright Male Bengali -
Ujala Bright Male Indian -
Ujana youth Female Filipino -
Ujas Bright Female Indian -
Ujas First Light Male Indian -
Ujasa Light Before Dawn Male Indian -
Ujay Victorious Male Indian -
Ujendra Conqueror Male Indian -
Ujesh One who Gives Light Male Indian -
Ujesha N/A Male Indian -
Ujhala Light Female Assemese -
Ujhala Light Female Indian -
Ujithra Light Female Indian -
Ujithra Light Male Indian -
Ujjagara Excited Male Indian -
Ujjaini Rising Female Indian -
Ujjal Bright; Clean Male Indian -
Ujjala Bright Female Indian -
Ujjala bright Male Bengali -
Ujjala Bright Male Indian -
Ujjaldeep Bright Lamp Male Indian -
Ujjaldip N/A Male Indian -
Ujjaljeet Bright Victory Male Indian -
Ujjaljit N/A Male Indian -
Ujjalpreet Love for Brightness Male Indian -
Ujjalroop Pure and Beauteous Person Male Indian -
Ujjan An Ancient Indian City Male Indian -
Ujjanini An Ancient City Female Indian -
Ujjaval N/A Male Indian -
Ujjawal Bright; Clear; Splendorous Male Indian -
Ujjay Victorious Male Indian -
Ujjaya Ever Victorious Archer Male Indian -
Ujjayan Conqueror Male Indian -
Ujjayant Having Conquered; Mountain Male Indian -
Ujjayanth Mount Where Satyajit Worshipped the Sun God Male Indian -
Ujjayati One who has Won; Victorious Female Indian -
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Bengali -
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Indian -
Ujjendra Victor Male Indian -
Ujjes Victorious Male Indian -
Ujjesh Victorious Male Indian -
Ujjesha Victorious Female Indian -
Ujjiti Victory Female Indian -
Ujjivati Brought to Life; Full of Life; Optimist Female Indian -
Ujjivin Revival Male Indian -
Ujjivyati Restored to Life Female Indian -
Ujjwal bright Female Assemese -
Ujjwal bright Female Bengali -
Ujjwal Splendorous Male Indian -
Ujjwala Bright, Lustrous Female Bengali -
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