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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Uisdean Male Scottish
Uisdean Intelligent. Male Teutonic
Uistean Intelligent Male Irish
Uistean Intelligent. Male Teutonic
Uja Increase; Grow Male Indian
Ujaagar Famous; Renowned Male Indian
Ujaala One who Radiates the Light Female Indian
Ujaala One who Radiates Light Male Indian
Ujaas N/A Male Indian
Ujagar Bright Male Indian
Ujal Shine; Brightness Male Indian
Ujala Light of the universe. Female Arabic
Ujala Lighting Female Indian
Ujala Light of the universe Female Muslim
Ujala Bright Male Bengali
Ujala Bright Male Indian
Ujana youth Female Filipino
Ujas Bright Female Indian
Ujas First Light Male Indian
Ujasa Light Before Dawn Male Indian
Ujay Victorious Male Indian
Ujendra Conqueror Male Indian
Ujesh One who Gives Light Male Indian
Ujesha N/A Male Indian
Ujhala Light Female Assemese
Ujhala Light Female Indian
Ujithra Light Female Indian
Ujithra Light Male Indian
Ujjagara Excited Male Indian
Ujjaini Rising Female Indian
Ujjal Bright; Clean Male Indian
Ujjala Bright Female Indian
Ujjala bright Male Bengali
Ujjala Bright Male Indian
Ujjaldeep Bright Lamp Male Indian
Ujjaldip N/A Male Indian
Ujjaljeet Bright Victory Male Indian
Ujjaljit N/A Male Indian
Ujjalpreet Love for Brightness Male Indian
Ujjalroop Pure and Beauteous Person Male Indian
Ujjan An Ancient Indian City Male Indian
Ujjanini An Ancient City Female Indian
Ujjaval N/A Male Indian
Ujjawal Bright; Clear; Splendorous Male Indian
Ujjay Victorious Male Indian
Ujjaya Ever Victorious Archer Male Indian
Ujjayan Conqueror Male Indian
Ujjayant Having Conquered; Mountain Male Indian
Ujjayanth Mount Where Satyajit Worshipped the Sun God Male Indian
Ujjayati One who has Won; Victorious Female Indian
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Bengali
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Indian
Ujjendra Victor Male Indian
Ujjes Victorious Male Indian
Ujjesh Victorious Male Indian
Ujjesha Victorious Female Indian
Ujjiti Victory Female Indian
Ujjivati Brought to Life; Full of Life; Optimist Female Indian
Ujjivin Revival Male Indian
Ujjivyati Restored to Life Female Indian
Ujjwal bright Female Assemese
Ujjwal bright Female Bengali
Ujjwal Splendorous Male Indian
Ujjwala Bright, Lustrous Female Bengali
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