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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Uduraj Lord of Stars Male Indian
Udutha N/A Male Indian
Udvah Continuing; The Best; Son Male Indian
Udvahni Gleaming; Sparkling Female Indian
Udvita River Filled with Lotus Flowers; River of Lotuses Female Indian
Udwamsa Of High Lineage Male Indian
Udyaan N/A Male Indian
Udyam Effort Male Bengali
Udyam Effort Male Indian
Udyan garden Male Bengali
Udyan Garden Male Indian
Udyat Star Male Indian
Udyati Elevated Female Hindi
Udyati Elevated Female Indian
Udyati N/A Male Indian
Udyot Shining Male Indian
Udyota Lustre Male Indian
Udyoth Shine; Brightness Male Indian
Udyothi N/A Male Indian
Uehudah Male Hebrew
Ufa Flour. Male Egyptian
Uftzi Sky. Male Basque
Ufuk Male Turkish
Ugagria N/A Male Indian
Ugam Rising Upward Male Indian
Ugbaad Roses Female Arabic
Ugbjom War bear. Male Norse
Ugo mind, spirit Male Filipino
Ugo Bright in mind and spirit Male Italian
Ugo Spirit. Male Teutonic
Ugod name of a clan Male Hungarian
Ugor Hungarian Male Hungarian
Ugra Terrible; Powerful Female Indian
Ugra Terrible; Powerful Male Indian
Ugradeva The Might God Male Indian
Ugrah Terrible Male Indian
Ugrajit Victor of Passion Male Indian
Ugrak A serpent king. Male Bengali
Ugrak A Serpent King Male Indian
Ugrakali Fierce and Black; Goddess Durga in Her Dreadful Form Female Indian
Ugrasen A King. Male Bengali
Ugrasen A King Male Indian
Ugrash Lord Shiva Male Indian
Ugrashava Son of Suramuni Male Indian
Ugrashiv Lord Shiva Male Indian
Ugrata Violence; Passion; Anger Female Indian
Ugresh Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Ugresh Lord Shiva Male Indian
Ugresha N/A Male Indian
Ugur Male Turkish
Ugutz Name for John the Baptist. Male Basque
Ugyen To Grow Male Indian
Uhana Brighted Female Indian
Uhana N/A Male Indian
Uherto Intelligent. Male Teutonic
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation Female Arabic
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation Female Muslim
Uigbiorn War bear. Male Norse
Uileog Resolute defender. Male Teutonic
Uilleam Helmeted. Male Gaelic
Uilleam Male Scottish
Uilliam Resolute protector Male Irish
Uilliam Resolute defender. Male Teutonic
Uisdean Intelligent. Male Gaelic
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