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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Utpalaksh Lord Vishnu Male Assemese
Utpalaksh Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Assemese
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Hindi
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Indian
Utpalavati Made of Lotuses Female Indian
Utpalini Lotus Pond Female Bengali
Utpalini Lotus Pond Female Indian
Utpara N/A Male Indian
Utpat N/A Male Indian
Utpatti creation Female Assemese
Utpatti Creation Female Indian
Utphal Lotus. Male Bengali
Utphal Lotus Male Indian
Utphala N/A Male Indian
Utsa Spring Female Bengali
Utsa Spring Female Indian
Utsaah Encourage Female Assemese
Utsah Goddess Laxmi Female Indian
Utsah N/A Male Indian
Utsaha Courageous Male Indian
Utsang N/A Male Indian
Utsangha N/A Male Indian
Utsarg Surprise Male Indian
Utsarga N/A Male Indian
Utsav celebration Male Bengali
Utsav Celebration Male Indian
Utsava Festival Female Indian
Utsava Festival Male Indian
Utsavi Festivities Female Indian
Utsuka Excitement Female Indian
Utsukha N/A Male Indian
Utt wise and kind Male Arabic
Uttal Strong, Formidable Male Assemese
Uttal Strong, Formidable Male Bengali
Uttal Strong; Formidable Male Indian
Uttalika Wave Female Bengali
Uttam best Male Bengali
Uttam 3rd Manu Male Hindu
Uttam Best Male Indian
Uttama Excellent Female Indian
Uttama Excellent Male Indian
Uttamesh Lord Shiva Male Assemese
Uttamesh Lord Shiva Male Indian
Uttamika Best Worker Female Indian
Uttamjeet Victory of the Best Male Indian
Uttamjit Victory of Best Male Indian
Uttamjodh Exalted Warrior Male Indian
Uttamjot The Exalted; Divine Light; Flame of the Best Male Indian
Uttamleen Immersed in the Love of the Divine Male Indian
Uttampal Best Protector Male Indian
Uttampreet Exalted Love; Love of the Best Male Indian
Uttamreet Exalted Way of Life Male Indian
Uttamroop Of Beauteous Form Male Indian
Uttamveer Exalted Bravery and Courage Male Indian
Uttana N/A Male Indian
Uttang N/A Male Indian
Uttank Cloud; A Disciple Male Indian
Uttanka Male Hindu
Uttanka N/A Male Indian
Uttansh A Crest; Ornament Male Indian
Uttar Son Of King Virata Male Bengali
Uttar Son of King Virata Male Indian
Uttara Daughter of king Virata Female Assemese
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