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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Utpalaksh Lord Vishnu Male Assemese -
Utpalaksh Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Assemese -
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Hindi -
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Utpalavati Made of Lotuses Female Indian -
Utpalini Lotus Pond Female Bengali -
Utpalini Lotus Pond Female Indian -
Utpara N/A Male Indian -
Utpat N/A Male Indian -
Utpatti creation Female Assemese -
Utpatti Creation Female Indian -
Utphal Lotus. Male Bengali -
Utphal Lotus Male Indian -
Utphala N/A Male Indian -
Utsa Spring Female Bengali -
Utsa Spring Female Indian -
Utsaah Encourage Female Assemese -
Utsah Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Utsah N/A Male Indian -
Utsaha Courageous Male Indian -
Utsang N/A Male Indian -
Utsangha N/A Male Indian -
Utsarg Surprise Male Indian -
Utsarga N/A Male Indian -
Utsav celebration Male Bengali -
Utsav Celebration Male Indian -
Utsava Festival Female Indian -
Utsava Festival Male Indian -
Utsavi Festivities Female Indian -
Utsuka Excitement Female Indian -
Utsukha N/A Male Indian -
Utt wise and kind Male Arabic -
Uttal Strong, Formidable Male Assemese -
Uttal Strong, Formidable Male Bengali -
Uttal Strong; Formidable Male Indian -
Uttalika Wave Female Bengali -
Uttam best Male Bengali -
Uttam 3rd Manu Male Hindu -
Uttam Best Male Indian -
Uttama Excellent Female Indian -
Uttama Excellent Male Indian -
Uttamesh Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Uttamesh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Uttamika Best Worker Female Indian -
Uttamjeet Victory of the Best Male Indian -
Uttamjit Victory of Best Male Indian -
Uttamjodh Exalted Warrior Male Indian -
Uttamjot The Exalted; Divine Light; Flame of the Best Male Indian -
Uttamleen Immersed in the Love of the Divine Male Indian -
Uttampal Best Protector Male Indian -
Uttampreet Exalted Love; Love of the Best Male Indian -
Uttamreet Exalted Way of Life Male Indian -
Uttamroop Of Beauteous Form Male Indian -
Uttamveer Exalted Bravery and Courage Male Indian -
Uttana N/A Male Indian -
Uttang N/A Male Indian -
Uttank Cloud; A Disciple Male Indian -
Uttanka Male Hindu -
Uttanka N/A Male Indian -
Uttansh A Crest; Ornament Male Indian -
Uttar Son Of King Virata Male Bengali -
Uttar Son of King Virata Male Indian -
Uttara Daughter of king Virata Female Assemese -
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