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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ulhasini Bright; Lighted Female Indian -
Uli Mistress of all. Female German -
Uli Noble leader. Male German -
Ulicia Unknown Female Irish -
Ulik Resolute defender. Male Teutonic -
Ulind N/A Male Indian -
Ulises Variant of the Greek name Odysseus. Ulysses was the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's epic The Odyssey. Male Spanish -
Ulka Mateorite Female Bengali -
Ulka Mistress of all. Female German -
Ulka Meteorite Female Indian -
Ulkesh Moon Male Indian -
Ulkushi Meteor Female Indian -
Ull God of skiers. Male Norse -
Ulla Elevation, leaf, young child. Female Biblical -
Ulla diminutive form of Ulrike Female Filipino -
Ulla Has willpower. Female German -
Ulla to fill up Female Old-English -
Ulla To Shine Male Indian -
Ullaas N/A Male Indian -
Ullaasinee A Happiest Female Indian -
Ullalagi With inner beauty Female Assemese -
Ullalagi With Inner Beauty Female Indian -
Ullas Light Male Indian -
Ullasa Growth Male Indian -
Ullasin Playing; Sporting Male Indian -
Ullasit Shining; Brilliant; Splendid Male Indian -
Ullekh One who is Always Cheerful Female Indian -
Ullock Wolf sport. Male English -
Ullok Wolf sport. Male English -
Ullupi Pretty Face Female Hindi -
Ullupi Pretty Face Female Indian -
Ulmar Wolf famous. Male English -
Ulmarr Wolf famous. Male English -
Ulmer famous wolf Male Filipino -
Ulmer Famous wolf. Male Norse -
Ulmuk Lord Indra Male Indian -
Ulmuka Owl Male Indian -
Ulogan N/A Male Indian -
Ulpesh Tiny Male Indian -
Ulprus Male Latin -
Ulric Wolf ruler. Male English -
Ulric wolf ruler Male Filipino -
Ulric Power of the Wolf; A Wolf That Rules; Wolf Male Indian -
Ulric Noble ruler. Male Teutonic -
Ulrica Feminine form of Ulric: Wolf ruler. Female English -
Ulrica Mistress of all. Female German -
Ulrich Noble leader. Male German -
Ulrich wolf ruler Male Old-English, Old-German Ulric, Ulrick, Udolf, Ulger, Ull, Ulu
Ulrik Ruler of all. Male Danish -
Ulrik Noble ruler. Male Teutonic -
Ulrika wolf ruler Female Old-German, Old-English Ulrica, Ulrike
Ulrike Mistress of all. Female German -
Ultan ravine Male Celtic Altán
Ultima aloof Female Latin -
Ultman God; Godlike Male Indian -
Ultreia Female Galician -
Ulu Second born female Female African -
Ulucan Male Turkish -
Ulupi Wife Of Arjuna, The Pandava Prince Female Bengali -
Ulupi Wife of Arjuna; The Pandava Prince Female Indian -
Ulupika Free Falling Rocks Female Indian -
Ulupya Pretty Face Female Hindi -
Ulupya Pretty Face Female Indian -
Ulupya With a Charming Face Male Indian -
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