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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yahvi Heaven; Earth Female Hindi -
Yahvi Heaven; Earth Female Indian -
Yahya A Prophets name (John) Male Arabic -
Yahya Given by God. Male Egyptian -
Yahya A Prophets name (John) Male Muslim -
Yahyaa Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Yahyah A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Yaiiua Bright; Youthful Female Indian -
Yair Enlighten Male Hebrew -
Yaj A Sage Male Indian -
Yaja Worshipper; Pries-tress Female Indian -
Yaja Worshipper; Pries-tress Male Indian -
Yajah Devotee Female Indian -
Yajaira a form of Yakira Female Hebrew -
Yajak Worshipping Male Indian -
Yajamana Worshipping; High Priest Male Indian -
Yajan Worshipping; Praying Male Indian -
Yajaniy To Worship Male Indian -
Yajas Fame Male Indian -
Yajat Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Yajat Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Yajata Worthy of Worship Male Indian -
Yajati Worthy of Worship Male Indian -
Yajatra Adorable Male Indian -
Yajin Worshipper Male Indian -
Yajishnu To Worship the Gods Male Indian -
Yajman Guest Male Indian -
Yajna Worship Female Indian -
Yajna Worship; An Incarnation of Vishnu Male Indian -
Yajnadatt Given by Yajna Male Indian -
Yajnaday Risen from the Sacred Fire Male Indian -
Yajnadev Lord of the Sacred Fire Male Indian -
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Yajnadhar Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yajnaraj The Moon; A King of Sacrifice Male Indian -
Yajnarup Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Yajnesh Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yajnu Adorable; Pious Male Indian -
Yajraj Sage King Male Indian -
Yaju The Yajur Veda Male Indian -
Yajur Name of Veda Male Indian -
Yajurvedi Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Yajushi N/A Female Indian -
Yakecan sky, song Male Dene Indian -
Yakimour Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Yakir honored Male Hebrew -
Yakira precious; dear Female Hebrew -
Yakksheeta Permanent; Who is Made Forever Female Indian -
Yakootah Emerald Female Arabic -
Yakootah Emerald Female Assemese -
Yakootah Emerald Female Indian -
Yakootah Emerald Female Muslim -
Yakootah Emerald Male Indian -
Yakov the supplanter, held by the heel Male Hebrew, Russian -
Yakov Supplanter. Variant of Jacob. Male Russian -
Yaksh Representative of God Male Indian -
Yaksha Sister Of Daksha Female Bengali -
Yaksha a sister of Daksha Female Hindu -
Yaksha Sister of Daksha Female Indian -
Yaksha A Type of a Demi God Male Indian -
Yakshesha N/A Male Indian -
Yakshini Attendants of Durga Female Indian -
Yakshit Who is Made Forever; Permanent Male Indian -
Yakshita Wonder Girl Female Indian -
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