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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yashas Fame Male Indian -
Yashasavi Famous; Glorious; Successful Male Indian -
Yashashree Gods name for success Female Assemese -
Yashashree Gods Name for Success Female Indian -
Yashashree Gods Name for Success Male Indian -
Yashashri Goddess of Success; Fame; Keerthi Female Indian -
Yashaskaram Bestower of Fame and Fortune Male Indian -
Yashasva Full of Fame Male Indian -
Yashasvat Glorious; Famous Male Indian -
Yashasvati Famous; Splendid Female Indian -
Yashasvi Successful; Famous Female Indian -
Yashasvin Famous; Glorious Male Indian -
Yashaswi Famous Female Bengali -
Yashaswi Famous Female Indian -
Yashaswin Successful Boy Male Indian -
Yashaswini One who is Successful Female Indian -
Yashasya Leading to Glory Male Indian -
Yashavani Lakshmi Female Indian -
Yashawant Always Famous Male Indian -
Yashawanta Victory; Glory Male Indian -
Yashawanthi With Great Fame Female Indian -
Yashawini Successful Lady Female Bengali -
Yashawini Successful Lady Female Indian -
Yashdeep Honour Male Indian -
Yashi Fame; Righteous; Good Faith Female Indian -
Yashica Success Female Assemese -
Yashica Success Female Hindi -
Yashica Success Female Indian -
Yashika Successful Female Indian -
Yashil Success Male Indian -
Yashila Famous Female Hindi -
Yashila Famous Female Indian -
Yashini N/A Female Indian -
Yashita Fame Female Bengali -
Yashita Successful Female Indian -
Yashita Successful Male Indian -
Yashkaran Fame Male Indian -
Yashke N/A Male Indian -
Yashmegha Glorious Cloud Female Indian -
Yashmit Famed Male Bengali -
Yashmit Famed Male Indian -
Yashmita Always Seccessful Female Indian -
Yashna One with Fame Female Indian -
Yashna One with Fame Male Indian -
Yashneil Famous; Glorious; Successful Female Indian -
Yashneil Famous; Glorious; Successful Male Indian -
Yashoda Foster Mother of Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Yashodeep Success Male Indian -
Yashodev Lord of Fame Male Indian -
Yashodevi Goddess of Fame and Beauty Female Indian -
Yashodhan Success Female Indian -
Yashodhan Rich in Fame Male Indian -
Yashodhar Male Hindu Yashodhara
Yashodhar Famous Male Indian -
Yashodhara Wife Of Gautama Buddha Female Assemese -
Yashodhara glory Female Bengali -
Yashodhara Glory Female Indian -
Yashodhara One who has Achieved Fame Male Indian -
Yashomati Successful Lady Female Indian -
Yashomitra Lord of Fame Male Indian -
Yashovar Famous; Glorious Male Indian -
Yashovarman Male Hindu -
Yashovarman Rich in Fame Male Indian -
Yashovat Possessing Glory and Fame Male Indian -
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