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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yakshith God Male Indian
Yakshitha Wonder Girl Female Indian
Yakshpati N/A Male Indian
Yakshraj N/A Male Indian
Yaksini Prayer; Worship Female Indian
Yalda Name of the longest night of the year. Female Afghan
Yale From the slope land. Male English
Yale one who pays or produces, corner of land Male German, Old-English
Yale Heights; upland. Male Welsh
Yalena Light. Female Greek
Yalene Light. Female Greek
Yalghis Shining Star Female Indian
Yalina Soft, gentle Female Arabic
Yalinee Goddess Saraswathi Female Indian
Yalisai Melodious Female Indian
Yalman N/A Male Indian
Yalmaz sahabi name Male Arabic
Yalqoot An early woman who gave much in charity Female Arabic
Yalqoot An early woman who gave much in charity Female Muslim
Yama Restrainer Female Indian
Yama The lord of death in Hinduism - first recorded in the Vedas. Yama belongs to an early stratum of Indo-Iranian theology. Male Afghan
Yama The God of Death; Also the Five Moral Commandments Male Indian
Yamadoot N/A Male Indian
Yamahil Another Name Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Yamaj Twin Born Male Indian
Yamajit Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Yamajit Lord Shiva Male Indian
Yamajith Another Name for Shiva Male Indian
Yamakil Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Yamal A Twin; A Deity Female Indian
Yamal on of a twin Male Filipino
Yamal Twin Male Indian
Yamala Twin Male Indian
Yamama Pigeon, dove Female Arabic
Yamamah Valley in Arabia Female Arabic
Yamamah Valley in Arabia Female Muslim
Yaman Good tidings Male Arabic
Yaman Proper Name Male Indian
Yaman Good tidings Male Muslim
Yamaraj King of Death Male Indian
Yamaraja God of Death Male Indian
Yamee Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yameen Oath right hand right wing (of the army) Male Arabic
Yameen Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army) Male Muslim
Yameena Right and proper Female Arabic
Yamesa Having Yama as King Male Indian
Yamha Dove Female Arabic
Yamha Dove Female Assemese
Yamha Dove Female Bengali
Yamha Dove Female Indian
Yamha Dove Female Muslim
Yamha Dove Male Indian
Yami Restrainer Female Indian
Yami People Male Indian
Yamiha Pigeon Female Arabic
Yamika Night Female Indian
Yamina Proper Female African
Yamina Right, Proper Female Arabic
Yaminah Right and proper Female Arabic
Yaminah Right and Proper Female Indian
Yaminah Right and proper; blessed Female Muslim
Yamini Night; Nocturnal Female Bengali
Yamini Night Female Hindi
Yamini Female Hindu
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