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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yaqoot Precious stone Male Muslim
Yaqoot / Yaqut Ruby. Female Afghan
Yaqub A Prophet's Name Male Indian
Yaqub A Prophets name (Jacob) Male Muslim
Yar Friend, companion, partner, aid, mate. Male Afghan
Yar Friend. Male Arabic
Yar Friend Male Muslim
Yar Mohammad Friend of prophet Muhammad. Male Afghan
Yara Little Butterfly Female Arabic
Yara The Bright Light Female Indian
Yara Little Butterfly Female Muslim
Yarah Warm Female Arabic
Yarah Warm Female Muslim
Yaravi Female Unknown
Yardan to flow down Male Filipino
Yardan N/A Male Indian
Yardane Descendent Male Hebrew
Yarden the river Jordan Male Hebrew
Yardena Descending Female Hebrew
Yardenah Descending Female Hebrew
Yardley of the yard Male English
Yardly From the enclosed meadow. Male English
Yared He will descend Male Hebrew
Yaremka Appointed by God. Male Russian
Yarin to understand Male Hebrew
Yarkona Green Female Hebrew
Yarmilla one who loves spring Female Slavic
Yaro N/A Male Indian
Yarok Supplanter Male Bengali
Yarom he will raise up Male Hebrew
Yaron he will sing Male Filipino
Yaron he will sing; he will cry out Male Hebrew
Yaron He Will Sing Male Indian
Yas Jasmine Female Indian
Yas Snow (Navajo). Male Native-American
Yasaar Ease; Wealth Male Arabic
Yasaar Ease; Wealth Male Indian
Yasalima Wellbeing Female Indian
Yasaman Jasmine. Female Afghan
Yasamin / Yasameen Jasmine. Female Afghan
Yasana Prayer Female Indian
Yasar Male Arabic
Yasar Ease; Wealth Male Indian
Yasar / Yassar Wealth, affluence, ease. Male Afghan
Yasar, Yasser Wealth, comfort, ease Male Muslim
Yasashiku gentle; polite Male Japanese
Yasaskara Victorious Male Indian
Yasasvini Beautiful; Splendid Female Indian
Yasaswi N/A Female Indian
Yasaswi N/A Male Indian
Yaseen Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Male Arabic
Yaseen YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all Huroof-e-Muqataat Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroo Male Muslim
Yaser easy, smooth Male Filipino
Yaser / Yasir Easy, wealthy, affluent. Male Afghan
Yash victory/glory Male Bengali
Yash Male Hindu
Yash Victory; Glory Male Indian
Yasha Fame Female Bengali
Yasha Fame Female Indian
Yasha Defends man. Male Russian
Yashada The One who Gives Success Female Indian
Yashal Freshness, greenry Female Arabic
Yashan God Male Indian
Yashana A Flower Female Indian
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