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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Yaqoot Precious stone Male Muslim -
Yaqoot / Yaqut Ruby. Female Afghan -
Yaqub A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Yaqub A Prophets name (Jacob) Male Muslim -
Yar Friend, companion, partner, aid, mate. Male Afghan -
Yar Friend. Male Arabic -
Yar Friend Male Muslim -
Yar Mohammad Friend of prophet Muhammad. Male Afghan -
Yara Little Butterfly Female Arabic -
Yara The Bright Light Female Indian -
Yara Little Butterfly Female Muslim -
Yarah Warm Female Arabic -
Yarah Warm Female Muslim -
Yaravi Female Unknown Yari, Yara
Yardan to flow down Male Filipino -
Yardan N/A Male Indian -
Yardane Descendent Male Hebrew -
Yarden the river Jordan Male Hebrew -
Yardena Descending Female Hebrew -
Yardenah Descending Female Hebrew -
Yardley of the yard Male English -
Yardly From the enclosed meadow. Male English -
Yared He will descend Male Hebrew -
Yaremka Appointed by God. Male Russian -
Yarin to understand Male Hebrew -
Yarkona Green Female Hebrew -
Yarmilla one who loves spring Female Slavic -
Yaro N/A Male Indian -
Yarok Supplanter Male Bengali -
Yarom he will raise up Male Hebrew -
Yaron he will sing Male Filipino -
Yaron he will sing; he will cry out Male Hebrew -
Yaron He Will Sing Male Indian -
Yas Jasmine Female Indian -
Yas Snow (Navajo). Male Native-American -
Yasaar Ease; Wealth Male Arabic -
Yasaar Ease; Wealth Male Indian -
Yasalima Wellbeing Female Indian -
Yasaman Jasmine. Female Afghan -
Yasamin / Yasameen Jasmine. Female Afghan -
Yasana Prayer Female Indian -
Yasar Male Arabic -
Yasar Ease; Wealth Male Indian -
Yasar / Yassar Wealth, affluence, ease. Male Afghan -
Yasar, Yasser Wealth, comfort, ease Male Muslim -
Yasashiku gentle; polite Male Japanese -
Yasaskara Victorious Male Indian -
Yasasvini Beautiful; Splendid Female Indian -
Yasaswi N/A Female Indian -
Yasaswi N/A Male Indian -
Yaseen Rich, Sura in Quran, Name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Male Arabic -
Yaseen YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all Huroof-e-Muqataat Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroo Male Muslim -
Yaser easy, smooth Male Filipino -
Yaser / Yasir Easy, wealthy, affluent. Male Afghan -
Yash victory/glory Male Bengali -
Yash Male Hindu -
Yash Victory; Glory Male Indian -
Yasha Fame Female Bengali -
Yasha Fame Female Indian -
Yasha Defends man. Male Russian -
Yashada The One who Gives Success Female Indian -
Yashal Freshness, greenry Female Arabic -
Yashan God Male Indian -
Yashana A Flower Female Indian -
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