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Popular Baby Names starting with Y

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Yamini Night Female Indian
Yaminichandra Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Yamir Moon Male Indian
Yamit To Check; To Restrain Male Indian
Yamka budding flower Female Filipino
Yamni Night Female Indian
Yamula N/A Male Indian
Yamuna Jamuna River; Holy Indian River Female Bengali
Yamuna Jamuna River Female Hindi
Yamuna Jamuna River; Holy River Female Indian
Yamunabai Bai of Yamuna Female Indian
Yamunai Intelligent Female Indian
Yamunarani Jamuna River Female Indian
Yamune Jamuna Indian River Female Indian
Yamuni River Female Indian
Yamura Female Hindu
Yamura Goddess Lakshami Female Indian
Yamura N/A Male Indian
Yamya Night Female Bengali
Yamya Night Female Hindi
Yamya Night Female Indian
Yamya Night Male Indian
Yan pretty swallow (bird) Female Chinese
Yan God's grace Male Hebrew
Yana he answers Female Filipino
Yana Precious to God Female Indian
Yanamai Bitter grace. Female Basque
Yanamala Good Male Indian
Yanchit Glorified Male Indian
Yancy Englishman Female Filipino
Yancy Created Name Male Indian
Yancy yankee Male Native-American
Yang model; pattern Male Chinese
Yangchen The Sacred One Female Indian
Yangkyi N/A Female Indian
Yani a short form of Yannis Female Hebrew
Yania N/A Male Indian
Yanira Female Hebrew
Yanis God's gift Male Hebrew
Yanisin Ashamed (Navajo). Male Native-American
Yanlin swallow forest Female Chinese
Yanlin Beijing forest Male Chinese
Yanni Form of Yannis; Gift of God; The Lord is Gracious; Moon Male Indian
Yanni, Yannis God is gracious Male Filipino
Yannick Male French
Yannis gift of God Female Hebrew
Yannis Gift of God; The Lord is Gracious Male Indian
Yanny Deus Interior Female Indian
Yanny N/A Male Indian
Yansh Name of a God Male Indian
Yantar Equipment; Tool Male Indian
Yanti Goddess Parvati Female Assemese
Yanti Goddess Parvati Female Indian
Yanton a form of Johnathon Male Hebrew
Yantri Rule; Guide Male Indian
Yantur Guide; Ruler Male Indian
Yanyu Beijing jade Female Chinese
Yaochuan honoring the river Male Chinese
Yaozu honoring the ancestors Male Chinese
Yaphet Handsome Male Hebrew
Yaqeen Belief. Male Arabic
Yaqeen Belief Male Muslim
Yaqoob / Yaqoub A Prophet, the biblical Jacob. Son of Isac Male Afghan
Yaqoot Precious stone. Male Arabic
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