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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Egiodeo Squire. Male Italian -
Eglah Heifer, chariot, round. Male Biblical -
Eglaim Drops of the sea. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Eglamour 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' Agent for Silvia in her escape. Male Shakespearean -
Eglon Heifer, chariot, round. Male Biblical -
Egmont weapon, defender Male German -
Egon Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Egon Strong with a sword. Male German -
Egon Ardent or little fiery one Male Irish -
Egon Formidable. Male Teutonic -
Egor Russian form of George 'farmer'. Male Russian -
Egyed shieldbearer Male Hungarian -
Egypt That troubles or oppresses, anguish. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Eha Lord Vishnu Male Assemese -
Eha Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Eha Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Ehan Full moon Male Arabic -
Ehan Full moon Male Muslim -
Ehimay All Pervasive Male Indian -
Ehioze Nigerian name meaning 'not jealous'. Male African -
Ehren Honorable. Male German -
Ehsaas Feel Male Arabic -
Ehsaas Feeling Male Indian -
Ehsan Powerful Male Arabic -
Ehsan Goodness; Compassion; In God Grace; Worthy Male Indian -
Ehsan Powerful Male Muslim -
Ehsan / Ihsan Goodness. Male Afghan -
Ehud He that praises Male Biblical -
Ehud Union Male Hebrew -
Eibhear Strong as a boar. Male English -
Eichi wisdom Male Japanese -
Eiddoel Legendary son of Ner. Male Welsh -
Eideard Wealthy guardian. Male English -
Eideard Rich guardian. Male Gaelic -
Eideard Rich protector. Male Scottish -
Eido Illuminating Way Male Indian -
Eifion Welsh surname. Male Welsh -
Eigil Inspires fright. Male Norse -
Eijaz Miracle Male Arabic -
Eijaz N/A Male Indian -
Eikki Powerful. Male Finnish -
Eikki Eternal ruler. Male Norse -
Eiko prosperity Male Japanese -
Eil All Pervasive Male Indian -
Eila Earth Male Indian -
Eiladar Legendary son of Penn Llarcan. Male Welsh -
Eilif Wounded in an attack on Hlidarend. Male Norse -
Eilif Immortal. Male Scandinavian -
Eilig From the deer pass. Male Scottish -
Eiliv Variant of Eilif: Immortal. Male Scandinavian -
Eilvila Son of Ilvila Male Indian -
Eilwen Variant of Eilwyn: White-browed. Male Welsh -
Eilwyn White-browed. Male Welsh -
Eimal Afghan Male Pashto -
Eimar Swift Male Irish -
Eimhin Swift Male Irish -
Einar Leader; fighter. Male Norse -
Einar warrior, leader Male Norwegian -
Einar Warrior chief. Male Scandinavian -
Einhard Strong with a sword. Male German -
Einhardt Strong with a sword. Male German -
Einian Anvil. Male Welsh -
Einion Anvil. Male Celtic -
Einion Anvil. Male Welsh -
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