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Popular Baby Names starting with E for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Edwyn Variant of Edwin: Wealthy friend. Male English
Edwyn Happy friend. Male German
Edzard Strong edge. Male Scandinavian
EegaiArasu King of Charity Male Bengali
Eekalabya A pupil of Dronaachaarya; Student of Guru Dronnachaarya Male Assemese
Eekalabya A pupil of Dronaachaarya; Student of Guru Dronnachaarya Male Bengali
Eekalabya A Pupil / Student of Guru Dronnachaarya Male Indian
Eeksha N/A Male Indian
Eepsu N/A Male Indian
Eeraja Herb Male Indian
Eerav N/A Male Indian
Eesaanan Evolved Male Indian
Eesh Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Male Indian
Eeshan Lord Shiva Male Bengali
Eeshan Lord Shiva Male Indian
Eeshana N/A Male Indian
Eeshtva N/A Male Indian
Eeshvar God; A Name of Shiva Male Indian
Eeshvara N/A Male Indian
Eeshwar God Male Assemese
Eeshwar God Male Indian
Eesvar God Male Indian
Eesvaraavu N/A Male Indian
Eferhard Brave. Male English
Eferleah From Ever's meadow. Male English
Efnisien Mythical son of Euroswydd. Male Celtic
Efraim Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew
Efrain fruitful Male Hebrew
Efrain Doubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim. Male Spanish
Efran Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew
Efrat Honored Male Hebrew
Efrayim Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew
Efrem a short form of Ephraim Male Hebrew
Efren fruitful Male Filipino
Efron Young stag Male Hebrew
Egaiarasu King of Charity Male Indian
Egan Ardent. Male Celtic
Egan Young fighter. Male Gaelic
Egan ardent, little fire Male Gaelic, Celtic
Egan Ardent or little fiery one Male Irish
Egan Formidable. Male Teutonic
Egann Variant of Egan: Fire. Male Gaelic
Egappan N/A Male Indian
Egbert Terror. Male Anglo
Egbert Intelligent. Old English 'ecg', meaning sword, and 'beorht', meaning bright. Famous bearer: 9th-century King Egbert of Wessex, who held sway over all the kingdoms of England for a short part of his reign. Male English
Egbert sword, famous, shiny Male German
Egbert Formidably intelligent. Male Teutonic
Egerton From the town on the ridge. Male English
Egerton edge Male Old-English
Egesa Terror. Male Anglo
Egeslic Wise advisor. Male Anglo
Egeus 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Father to Hermia. Male Shakespearean
Eggther Guardian for the giants. Male Norse
Eghainathan God Male Indian
Eghan Ardent. Male Celtic
Egidio Shield bearer. Male Greek
Egidio Young goat (kid); squire. Male Italian
Egidius Youthful. Male Dutch
Egidiusz Protective shield. Male Polish
Egil Inspires fright. Male Norse
Egil the edge or point, a sting Male Norwegian, French
Egil Edge. Male Scandinavian
Eginhard Strong with a sword. Male German
Eginhardt Strong with a sword. Male German
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