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Popular Baby Names, origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hadad Blacksmith, Iron Smith. Male Afghan -
Hadi Guide. Male Afghan -
Hadiah / Hadyah Gift. Female Afghan -
Hafez Keeper, Retaining, Retentive. Male Afghan -
Hafiz / Hafeez Guard. Male Afghan -
Hafizah / Hafeezah Guardian, protector. Female. Of Hafeez. Female Afghan -
Haidah / Haedah Who repents. Female Afghan -
Haidar Short, Short Stature. Male Afghan -
Haji Title of someone who has performed haj. Male Afghan -
Hakem Governor, magistrate, judge. Male Afghan -
Hakim / Hakeem Sage, Philosopher, Doctor. Male Afghan -
Hakimah / Hakeemah Wise, sage, philosopher. Female of Hakim. Female Afghan -
Haliah Aware, knowing. Female Afghan -
Halim / Haleem Meek, forbearing. Male Afghan -
Halimah / Haleemah Gentle, patient, mild-tempered. Female Afghan -
Hamayoon Auspicious, Fortunate. Male Afghan -
Hamdast Collaborator, aid, accomplice, companion. Male Afghan -
Hamed Praiser. Male Afghan -
Hamedah Praiser. Female of Hamed. Female Afghan -
Hamid / Hameed Praiseworthy. Male Afghan -
Hamidah / Hameeda Praiseworthy. Female of Hamid Female Afghan -
HamidUllah Servant of laudable. Male Afghan -
Hamraz Intimate, confidant. Male Afghan -
Hamza Lion. Male Afghan -
Hamzad Twin, co-walker, wraith or double. Male Afghan -
Hanan Compassionate, merciful, affectionate. Male Afghan -
Hangamah Uproar, scene, great crowd. Female Afghan -
Hanif / Haneef True believer. Male Afghan -
Hanifah / Haneefah True believer. Female of Hanif. Female Afghan -
Haq Truth, God, just, true; legitimate. Male Afghan -
Haqani Correct, rightful, proper. Male Afghan -
Hares Guardian. Male Afghan -
Harif / Hareef Rival, opponent, match. Male Afghan -
Harir / Hareer Silk, silk cloth. Male Afghan -
Hasan Beauty, goodness, virtue. Male Afghan -
Hashem Grandfather of prophet Muhammad. Male Afghan -
Hashmat Retinue,pomp, magnificence. Male Afghan -
HashmatUllah Beloved of God. Male Afghan -
Hasib / Haseeb Noble, respected, highborn. Male Afghan -
Hasibah / Haseebah Noble, respected, highborn. Female of Hasib. Female Afghan -
Hasinah / Haseenah Pretty, beautiful . Female Afghan -
Hassam Sword. Male Afghan -
HassamUdin Sword of religion. Male Afghan -
Hasti Existence. Female Afghan -
Hawa Eve. Female Afghan -
Hayat Life. Male Afghan -
Hazrat Excellency, highness, majesty. Male Afghan -
Hedayat Guidance, conduction. Male Afghan -
Hedayatullah Guidance of God. Male Afghan -
Hekmat Wisdom. Male Afghan -
Helal Crescent, new moon. Male Afghan -
Hemat Ambition, aspiration, lofty purpose. Male Afghan -
Homa Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen) Female Afghan -
Homaira One who strives to achieve her utmost best. Female Afghan -
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. Female Afghan -
Hooria Name comes from hoor of heaven. Female Afghan -
Humayon Auspicious, fortunate. Male Afghan -
Husain / Husein Strong, secure, immune. Male Afghan -
Husna Beautiful. Female of Hassan. Female Afghan -
Husnia Beautiful. Female Afghan -
Ibn-Sina Ibn-Sina balkhi was a Afghan-Persian Scholar and commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna Male Afghan -
Ibrahim As Abraham. Male Afghan -
Idris / Idress/ Edris A Prophet's name. Male Afghan -
Iftekhar Honour. Male Afghan -
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