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Popular Baby Names , origin Afghan

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Hadad Blacksmith, Iron Smith. Male Afghan
Hadi Guide. Male Afghan
Hadiah / Hadyah Gift. Female Afghan
Hafez Keeper, Retaining, Retentive. Male Afghan
Hafiz / Hafeez Guard. Male Afghan
Hafizah / Hafeezah Guardian, protector. Female. Of Hafeez. Female Afghan
Haidah / Haedah Who repents. Female Afghan
Haidar Short, Short Stature. Male Afghan
Haji Title of someone who has performed haj. Male Afghan
Hakem Governor, magistrate, judge. Male Afghan
Hakim / Hakeem Sage, Philosopher, Doctor. Male Afghan
Hakimah / Hakeemah Wise, sage, philosopher. Female of Hakim. Female Afghan
Haliah Aware, knowing. Female Afghan
Halim / Haleem Meek, forbearing. Male Afghan
Halimah / Haleemah Gentle, patient, mild-tempered. Female Afghan
Hamayoon Auspicious, Fortunate. Male Afghan
Hamdast Collaborator, aid, accomplice, companion. Male Afghan
Hamed Praiser. Male Afghan
Hamedah Praiser. Female of Hamed. Female Afghan
Hamid / Hameed Praiseworthy. Male Afghan
Hamidah / Hameeda Praiseworthy. Female of Hamid Female Afghan
HamidUllah Servant of laudable. Male Afghan
Hamraz Intimate, confidant. Male Afghan
Hamza Lion. Male Afghan
Hamzad Twin, co-walker, wraith or double. Male Afghan
Hanan Compassionate, merciful, affectionate. Male Afghan
Hangamah Uproar, scene, great crowd. Female Afghan
Hanif / Haneef True believer. Male Afghan
Hanifah / Haneefah True believer. Female of Hanif. Female Afghan
Haq Truth, God, just, true; legitimate. Male Afghan
Haqani Correct, rightful, proper. Male Afghan
Hares Guardian. Male Afghan
Harif / Hareef Rival, opponent, match. Male Afghan
Harir / Hareer Silk, silk cloth. Male Afghan
Hasan Beauty, goodness, virtue. Male Afghan
Hashem Grandfather of prophet Muhammad. Male Afghan
Hashmat Retinue,pomp, magnificence. Male Afghan
HashmatUllah Beloved of God. Male Afghan
Hasib / Haseeb Noble, respected, highborn. Male Afghan
Hasibah / Haseebah Noble, respected, highborn. Female of Hasib. Female Afghan
Hasinah / Haseenah Pretty, beautiful . Female Afghan
Hassam Sword. Male Afghan
HassamUdin Sword of religion. Male Afghan
Hasti Existence. Female Afghan
Hawa Eve. Female Afghan
Hayat Life. Male Afghan
Hazrat Excellency, highness, majesty. Male Afghan
Hedayat Guidance, conduction. Male Afghan
Hedayatullah Guidance of God. Male Afghan
Hekmat Wisdom. Male Afghan
Helal Crescent, new moon. Male Afghan
Hemat Ambition, aspiration, lofty purpose. Male Afghan
Homa Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen) Female Afghan
Homaira One who strives to achieve her utmost best. Female Afghan
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers. Female Afghan
Hooria Name comes from hoor of heaven. Female Afghan
Humayon Auspicious, fortunate. Male Afghan
Husain / Husein Strong, secure, immune. Male Afghan
Husna Beautiful. Female of Hassan. Female Afghan
Husnia Beautiful. Female Afghan
Ibn-Sina Ibn-Sina balkhi was a Afghan-Persian Scholar and commonly known in English by his Latinized name Avicenna Male Afghan
Ibrahim As Abraham. Male Afghan
Idris / Idress/ Edris A Prophet's name. Male Afghan
Iftekhar Honour. Male Afghan
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