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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Paien Name of a nobleman. Male French
Paige assistant Female Filipino
Paige Attendant. Female French
Paige Name of a prince. Male Anglo
Paige Attendant. Male French
Paiman / Payman Promise. Male Afghan
Paimanah / Paymanah Measure. Female Afghan
Paine Pagan. Male English
Paitoon moonstone Male Thai
Paiwand / Payvand Graft, scion, grafting, union (by marriage), relationship, joint. Female Afghan
Pajas Goddess Laxmi Female Indian
Pajas Firmness; Strength Male Indian
Pajasvati Firm; Strong; Brilliant Female Indian
Pajika Lotus Pond Female Indian
Pajika N/A Male Indian
Paka Dye; Paint; Simple; Ignorant; Young; Child Female Indian
Paka Lord of Lotuses; Sun Male Indian
Pakala Lotus Female Indian
Pakala N/A Male Indian
Pakasansa N/A Female Indian
Pakasansa N/A Male Indian
Pakeezah Pure Female Arabic
Pakeezah Pure Female Muslim
Pakeran The Moon and the Star Male Indian
Pakhee A Bird Female Indian
Pakhi Bird Female Hindi
Pakhi Bird Female Indian
Pakhi Bird Male Indian
Paki Witness Male African
Paki a witness Male Egyptian
Pakima N/A Female Indian
Pakima N/A Male Indian
Pakiza / Pakeeza Neat, clean, proper. Female Afghan
Pakkiri N/A Male Indian
Pakpao fighter-kite Female Thai
Paksha Symbolising The Phases Of Moon. Male Bengali
Paksha Political Party; Fortnight Male Indian
Pakshalika On The Right Path Female Assemese
Pakshalika On the Right Path Female Indian
Pakshi Bird Female Indian
Pakshi Bird Male Indian
Pakshin Winged Male Indian
Pakshiraj King of Birds Male Indian
Paku Nature Female Indian
Pakuna deer jumping down hill Female Miwok Indian
Pal Moment Female Indian
Pal Small; Humble; Witness Male Indian
Pal Little. Form of Paul. Male Scandinavian
Pala Moment Male Indian
Paladin Fighter Male Indian
Palaemon A sea god. Male Greek
Palak Eyelash Female Assemese
Palak Eye Lid Female Hindi
Palak Eye Lid Female Indian
Palak Eyelash Male Bengali
Palak Eyelash Male Indian
Palaka A Hope of Moment Female Indian
Palaka Guardian Male Indian
Palakshi White Female Indian
Palaksi White Female Bengali
Palaksi White Female Indian
Palakvi Cute Female Indian
Palam Fruit Male Indian
Palamedes A knight. Male Arthurian-Legend
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