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Popular Baby Names starting with P

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Paien Name of a nobleman. Male French -
Paige assistant Female Filipino -
Paige Attendant. Female French -
Paige Name of a prince. Male Anglo -
Paige Attendant. Male French -
Paiman / Payman Promise. Male Afghan -
Paimanah / Paymanah Measure. Female Afghan -
Paine Pagan. Male English -
Paitoon moonstone Male Thai -
Paiwand / Payvand Graft, scion, grafting, union (by marriage), relationship, joint. Female Afghan -
Pajas Goddess Laxmi Female Indian -
Pajas Firmness; Strength Male Indian -
Pajasvati Firm; Strong; Brilliant Female Indian -
Pajika Lotus Pond Female Indian -
Pajika N/A Male Indian -
Paka Dye; Paint; Simple; Ignorant; Young; Child Female Indian -
Paka Lord of Lotuses; Sun Male Indian -
Pakala Lotus Female Indian -
Pakala N/A Male Indian -
Pakasansa N/A Female Indian -
Pakasansa N/A Male Indian -
Pakeezah Pure Female Arabic -
Pakeezah Pure Female Muslim -
Pakeran The Moon and the Star Male Indian -
Pakhee A Bird Female Indian -
Pakhi Bird Female Hindi -
Pakhi Bird Female Indian -
Pakhi Bird Male Indian -
Paki Witness Male African -
Paki a witness Male Egyptian -
Pakima N/A Female Indian -
Pakima N/A Male Indian -
Pakiza / Pakeeza Neat, clean, proper. Female Afghan -
Pakkiri N/A Male Indian -
Pakpao fighter-kite Female Thai -
Paksha Symbolising The Phases Of Moon. Male Bengali -
Paksha Political Party; Fortnight Male Indian -
Pakshalika On The Right Path Female Assemese -
Pakshalika On the Right Path Female Indian -
Pakshi Bird Female Indian -
Pakshi Bird Male Indian -
Pakshin Winged Male Indian -
Pakshiraj King of Birds Male Indian -
Paku Nature Female Indian -
Pakuna deer jumping down hill Female Miwok Indian -
Pal Moment Female Indian -
Pal Small; Humble; Witness Male Indian -
Pal Little. Form of Paul. Male Scandinavian -
Pala Moment Male Indian -
Paladin Fighter Male Indian -
Palaemon A sea god. Male Greek -
Palak Eyelash Female Assemese -
Palak Eye Lid Female Hindi -
Palak Eye Lid Female Indian -
Palak Eyelash Male Bengali -
Palak Eyelash Male Indian -
Palaka A Hope of Moment Female Indian -
Palaka Guardian Male Indian -
Palakshi White Female Indian -
Palaksi White Female Bengali -
Palaksi White Female Indian -
Palakvi Cute Female Indian -
Palam Fruit Male Indian -
Palamedes A knight. Male Arthurian-Legend -
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