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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Umrao Noble Female Indian -
Umrao Noble; King Male Indian -
Un nefer God of the dead. Male Egyptian -
Una White wave. Female Celtic -
Una One. Female English -
Una one Female Filipino -
Una Gaelic forms of Agnes. Female Gaelic -
Una United Female Irish -
Una one, unity, wholeness Female Latin Oona
Una White wave. Female Welsh -
Unai Male Basque -
Unais Love Affection Male Arabic -
Unaiza Female Arabic -
Unal Fighter strong spirit Male Arabic -
Unays Smaller form of Anas Male Arabic -
Unays Smaller form of Anas Male Muslim -
Unaysah Friendly; Affable. Female Arabic -
Unaysah Friendly; Affable Female Muslim -
Unaza The one and only Female Arabic -
Undina Of the waves. Female Latin -
Undine of the wave Female Latin Unda, Onde, Ondine
Undinia Of the waves. Female Latin -
Unelina Bear. Female Latin -
Ungus One vigor Male Irish -
Uni A Dane. Male Norse -
Unika To shine Male African -
Unique Only one. Female Latin -
Unity Unity. A quality adopted for use as a first name by the Puritans after the Reformation. Female English -
Unity oneness Female Filipino -
Unity Harmonious Female Irish -
Unjali Blessing Female Indian -
Unkar God's Name Male Indian -
Unma Joy Female Hindi -
Unma Joy Female Indian -
Unmaivilambi Honest Male Assemese -
Unmaivilambi Honest Male Bengali -
Unmaj Rising Upward; Progressing Male Indian -
Unmand Cheerful; Delighted Male Indian -
Unmani A Superior Gem Male Indian -
Unmatha N/A Male Indian -
Unmeelan N/A Female Indian -
Unmesa Visible Male Indian -
Unmesh Flash; Blowing; Opening Male Indian -
Unmesha Visible Male Indian -
Unmil Become Visible Male Indian -
Unmila To Appear Male Indian -
Unmilan N/A Male Indian -
Unmish N/A Male Indian -
Unmukti Deliverance Female Indian -
Unna woman Female Filipino -
Unnabh Highest Male Indian -
Unnat Prosper Female Indian -
Unnat Energized Male Bengali -
Unnat Energised Male Indian -
Unnata High; Tall Male Indian -
Unnathi Progress Female Indian -
Unnati Progress Female Assemese -
Unnati Progress Female Hindi -
Unnati progress Female Hindu -
Unnati Progress Female Indian -
Unnatish Lord of Progress Male Indian -
Unni modest Both Norse -
Unni Lead Female Bengali -
Unni Poor, afflicted, that answers. Female Biblical -
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