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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Unni Lead Female Hindi -
Unni Lead Female Indian -
Unni Modest Male Indian -
Unntti Progress Female Indian -
Unsa Woman Female Arabic -
Unshul N/A Male Indian -
Unwin Unfriendly. Male English -
Unwin Unfriendly; Young Friend Male Indian -
Unwine Unfriendly. Male English -
Unwyn Unfriendly. Male English -
Uny United Female Irish -
Upaasana Prayer Female Indian -
Upada A Gift Female Indian -
Upadevi N/A Male Indian -
Upadhaya N/A Male Indian -
Upadhriti A Ray Female Hindi -
Upadhriti A Ray Female Indian -
Upagupta name of a Buddhist monk Male Assemese -
Upagupta Name of a Buddish Nonk Male Indian -
Upagya Joy Female Indian -
Upahara Offering to the Gods Male Indian -
Upajit To Acquire by Victory Male Indian -
Upal stone Male Bengali -
Upala Sandy Shore Female Indian -
Upala Jewel Male Indian -
Upali N/A Male Indian -
Upam First; Highest; Best Male Indian -
Upama Simile Female Assemese -
Upama Comparison Female Indian -
Upaman A Smile Male Indian -
Upamanyu son of the sages Male Bengali -
Upamanyu Name of a Devoted Pupil Male Indian -
Upanand Pleasant; Approaching Happiness Male Indian -
Upanishat Part of Vedas. Male Assemese -
Upanishat Part of Vedas Male Indian -
Upanshu Mantras in Low Tone Male Indian -
Upanya Rare Piece of Art Female Indian -
Upanya N/A Male Indian -
Upasana Worship; Devotion; Homage Female Bengali -
Upasana Veneration Female Indian -
Upashanta A Ray Female Indian -
Upashanti Sandy Shore Female Indian -
Upashubh Beautiful; Auspicious Male Indian -
Upasi N/A Male Indian -
Upasna Worship Female Indian -
Upasti Adoration; Worship Female Indian -
Upavana N/A Male Indian -
Upavi Cherishing; Pleasing Male Indian -
Upayan Gift Male Assemese -
Upayan Gift Male Bengali -
Upchurch From the upper church. Male English -
Updes One who Preaches and Counsels Male Indian -
Updev A King; Chief Male Indian -
Upen Male Hindu -
Upen Indra's Younger Brother Male Indian -
Upender Proximity of God Male Indian -
Upendo love Male Filipino -
Upendo Indra's Younger Brother Male Indian -
Upendra an element Male Hindu -
Upendra Lord Vishnu; An Element Male Indian -
Uphar Gift Female Indian -
Uphara N/A Male Indian -
Upharsin Divided. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Uphaz Pure gold, gold of Phasis or Pison. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
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