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Popular Baby Names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Upjeet Victory for Proximity Male Indian -
Upjeeth Winning Male Indian -
Upkaar Favor Male Indian -
Upkar Gift Female Indian -
Upkar Beneficence Male Indian -
Upkeerat Of Exalted Glory and Praises Male Indian -
Upma comparison/instance Female Assemese -
Upma comparison/instance Female Bengali -
Upma The Best Female Indian -
Upodayam Sunrise Male Indian -
Upoddath Teacher Male Indian -
Upor Male Hungarian -
Uppal Stone Male Indian -
Uppas Gem Male Indian -
Uppender Proximity of God Male Indian -
Uppili Incomparable Male Indian -
Uppuluri N/A Male Indian -
Upraj King of Proximity Male Indian -
Upshobhin Brilliant; Bright; Beautiful Male Indian -
Upton Owns four acres of ... Male Anglo -
Upton from the upper town Male English Upshaw
Upton high village Male Filipino -
Uptun From the upper farm. Male English -
Upvan A Small Garden Male Indian -
Upwan Forest Male Indian -
Upwode From the upper forest. Male English -
Upwood From the upper forest. Male English -
Uqaab Eagle. Male Afghan -
Uqbah End of everything Male Arabic -
Uqbah The End of Everything Male Indian -
Uqbah End of everything Male Muslim -
Ur Great. Male Egyptian -
Ur Atum Great. Male Egyptian -
Ura The Heart Female Bengali -
Ura the heart Female Filipino -
Ura Earth Female Hindi -
Ura The Heart Female Indian -
Ura From the corner property. Male Norse -
Urania heavenly Female Filipino -
Urania heavenly, muse of astronomy Female Greek -
Urano coast Female Japanese -
Uranus Sky. Male Greek -
Urav Excitement Male Indian -
Uravi Happiness Female Indian -
Urbain from the city Both Filipino -
Urban from the city Both Filipino -
Urban from the city Male Latin Urbano, Urbanus, Urbaine, Urbane
Urbana from the city Female Filipino -
Urbana from the citiy Female Latin -
Urbane Courteous. Female Biblical -
Urbania Born of the city. Female Latin -
Urbano from the city Male Filipino -
Urbano From the city. Male Spanish -
Urbashi celetial beauty Female Assemese -
Urbashi celetial beauty Female Bengali -
Urbi Princess Female African -
Urbi Princess. Female Egyptian -
Urdahav Broad Mentality Male Indian -
Uren Male Welsh -
Uresh N/A Male Indian -
Uresta Beloved by the Gods Male Indian -
Urfee Name of popular Poet. Male Arabic -
Urfee Name of popular Poet Male Muslim -
Uri my light, flame, fire Both Filipino -
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